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Anonymous hack reveals Illuminati behind Whitney Houston’s murder

Tina Turner
Whitney Houston

Our close friends within Anonymous infiltrated the e-mail accounts of Illuminati agents several months ago, waiting for the kind of scoop we got this morning. The following is an uncensored excerpt from an Illuminati e-mail which has not been fully disclosed to the public because of its sensitive nature and the extreme discretion Anonymous uses when dealing with Illuminati material.

“The target was intercepted at Tru Hollywood and the poison was administered with very little altercation. The agent was disposed of using the established Jack Ruby method.”

Anonymous generally keeps Illuminati related hacks close to their belt, but found it outrageous that their beloved Whitney Houston – with similar eyebrows to the iconic Guy Fawkes masks – was murdered just for the purpose of distracting people from the massacres the Illuminati are currently directing in Syria.

Our analysts suggest that this is the final straw for the Illuminati. Anonymous will soon be swept away with a single campaign of false flag murders from the Illuminati, posing as angry j35t3r fans and Zetas.

38 replies on “Anonymous hack reveals Illuminati behind Whitney Houston’s murder”

I recieved an illuminati email in my tina turner butt that said whitney houston died deed done drowning dug deep in lungs poopy

change the image above!!!
how dare you disgrace the memory of someone so blatantly?
get your s*** together, and shame on you!

it is a good thing that you r staying Anonymous,cuz only a jackass would put a picture of Tina Turner and think that it is Withney Houston…r you sure u no what you r doing…I DON’T THINK SO.LOL..

C’mon…just let the man be. Besides, it’s done…. don’t make an issue out of it. Important is….we are given the clue of how Whitney was killed.

I was shocked too that Whitney Houston died. I was just listening to some of her songs a few days before that. I didn’t know that she had died until I had gotten home from a Saturday night event and read that headline. I turned off the computer. I couldn’t take it. I ended up watching the coverage on TV instead.

lol okay I thought it was just me but I knew those pictures were Tina Turner. Oh ell nawll you all are so stupid for that right there. I hope Tina slaps that wit a big law suit.

well tina turner is whitney houston . so wheres your logic now>?
on maury povich? loololololoololololololol sit down sleep apnea we all know Micheal jackson killed mariah carey for illuminati induction ceromonys JAY Z WAS THERE!

If there is a theory the wrong picture really gives your story credit!!!!???? What the hell are you thinking and remember proof-reading is important and in this case proofing the picture
of your subject BEFORE posting!!
Now why in the hell am I here? I do know I will NEVER return!!


Look u want to learn and know more then watch the video interview of someone that knew she wouldn’t get in the tub and find out from the time she left the studio with Clive who all had entered her room and slipped her something. If she truly didn’t take baths and the video on the 3rd floor of the sacrifice is in itself DISTURBING. Yes I believe people r paid off but there must be some brave souls out there to prove this was a murder. Really do ya think her daughter Would do such? Come On. B somewhat realistic and someone should investigate the hotel footage because I do believe she Was slipped something or given something to put her down for good.

investigate from the time left studio room with Clive or even further back to the time she left the pool and who all entered and left that room and investigate all them.

I am just wondering why all these stars are whacked out. It’s weird.
Why is our society becoming so sinful?
Why are they throwing sex and evil in our face?
All questions I asked myself before I knew of the illuminati allegations.
It kinda makes sense if you put the two together.

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