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Forever in your debt

Excuse me wtf r u doin?

I can only think of a handful of living souls that have had a significant and meaningful impact on my life. There is no doubt in my mind that you are on the top of that very short list. No I do not love you (at least not in the sense that everyone else claims to “love you”). In fact in think I can claim with near certainty that I have never “loved you” in the sense of the love that exists between a boy and girl, perhaps in an alternate reality… but that is just wishful thinking.

More than 2 and 1/2 years ago, I was first introduced to the now famous “Love and Trolls.” And like the curious mind that I am, I wanted to know more about you. I followed your story and learned more about the dumpster known as the internet, more than Anderson Cooper in Afghanistan. Believe me when I say that before your most recent return, I thought your story was a great, nay, THE great modern tragedy. I never participated in any of the mayhem, only followed, always wondering how such an innocent and morally pure girl could attract so much attention from the dirtiest back alley of internet city. Now of course I know, that’s is exactly how the masses were stirred. A conflict, it seemed, had been brewing for a while, you were just simply used as a focal point.

But you have no idea, the emotions that experienced in my many sleepless nights reading every written piece I could find about you, and all the bullshit that you were forced through. It made me sick, it made me cry, it made me harbour a general disdain for the human race that I had never known up until that point.

In your absence, all signs pointed to you being an emotional recluse, and I feel like my soul was mirroring yours. Life felt dull and emotionless for me, the only thing fueling me was a desire for revenge on every single being that had ever caused you any harm.
I slowly drifted away, as the river of life tends to do to us all sometimes, but in the back of my mind was your image and your voice saying, “TROLL, TROLL!” As I wandered the earth (mainly Florida), the trolls became more and more apparent to me wherever I went. I wanted to know how to fight them, and more importantly, how to STOP them. Stopping a beast that not only grows stronger from everything that fights it, but also feeds off itself, seemed like quite the challenge.

But you returned! And all of a sudden, the world seemed right again. You survived the trolls and you seemed stronger than ever! And somehow I felt slightly stronger as well… But once again, this had the appearance of fantasy, since the world for the most part still sucks, and the trolls are still roaming all over the place looking for their next meal.

But then it hit me! The answer had always been there, but it was neither yours nor my own. The song, your “theme song” pretty much says it all… Love and Trolls. LOVE! It really is that simple. My appreciation for love is only a few weeks old, and I just now am beginning to understand what “true love” really is. As I alluded to in the beginning, I have you, and only you, to thank for the greatest story and message that I have ever read.

But the story is not yet over! As the great Democratic Congressman from Texas, Charlie Wilson once said, ‎”These things happened. They were glorious and they changed the world… and then we fucked up the end game.” Don’t stop now, in fact you can’t stop, I won’t let you!

I have always truly believed that women will rule the earth someday, but not the jaded and politically driven ones. The women I admire and the ones that I’m sure will only do good, are women who know what true love is themselves. I know that you are a few years my junior, but I feel that you are wise beyond a life time. You may have seen in my last series of random posts on here that I said “you are probably the smartest person on the planet” and considering that I am minoring in statistics, I have a pretty good feeling that I am right. I feel it would be a privilege to live in a world in which you are the queen, because I would be your most loyal subject. As The Beatles once said, “Her majesty’s a pretty nice girl but she changes from day to day,” and that is just fine with me.

But for now I am just a student, and you are the best teacher I have ever had :)

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Catie changed my life.

I used to be quiet, to myself. Shy. I discovered you, Catie. I fell under a swoon, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Your personality is one of a kind. There is no girl more perfect in any possible way. I wish I could accurately portray it in words. You set a new standard.

Now, I am a new person. I’m much less shy. I thought, if I were to ever meet you, you wouldn’t go for the shy kid. I became a better person FOR YOU. I now know the likely hood of ever having a relationship with you is slim to nill, I was blind not to see that in the first place.

You’ve helped me realize what I should look for in a woman. It’s not all looks. I don’t believe I’ll ever find someone as perfect for me as you.

I made this post not to plead, and beg for some kind of “relationship” with you. I made it to thank you. Thank you, Catherine, for helping me become the person I am today.

THANK YOU, Catie. If it weren’t for you my life would be miserable.

There really is no hope for mankind. The public restroom also known as the internet, is making everyone even more stupid.

Let’s face it, Boxxy has oldfags and newfags. I for one am an oldfag and have been around since the beginning. Most of you posting on this board are newfags who are so fuking whiteknighting you are blind. Boxxy did not start out as nice, sweet, loving, blah blah blah. Boxxy was born on /b/. She had his name written on her boob. WTF. You candyass fags r pathetic. N E one who disagrees w your idol worship is from /b/ or a fakin headcase, bleet stfu will you puhleese. Fukin newfags. Oh I love Boxxy I just found her this summer. Catie I fukin <3 u hard for three years.

Well if the article hadn’t slapped its own title on it and basically misquoted me then maybe you would know what the fuck I’m talking about. Boxxy is a character created by Catie. Not once in my rant did I mention Boxxy did I? So maybe if you guys pulled your own dicks out of your mouths maybe you could actually READ what I wrote.

I dreamed of catie for the first time ever! omg! :D

I don’t really have any proficiency in lucid dreams so I can’t exactly just call people into them but I finally happened to find her in one!

It was only brief, but she was visiting the drama staff room in some kind of school for something, I have no idea what. Her hair was pink and I was like “catie! your hair is pink! :D”

and she was like “wat? hah. it’s purple not pinky silly!” And I was like derp or something, because it was then suddenly purple without me realizing.

We then chatted a bit and she seemed quite happy about something, I’m not sure what. Sort of excited.

Then some weird old man appeared out of nowhere and started talking to me about some crap and the dream went onto other things.

I’m glad I got to see you catie! Closest thing I’ll ever get to meeting you in person!

How should I interpret this part of the dream? I wonder what it means?

It’s probably nothing but I hope it means something good for catie somehow!

Also sorry for the stupid picture I have no jpg files on my computer LOL NEW LAPTOP I’M SORRY WHY DID I POST THIS

Everytime you think someone is going to mock you, make fun of your appearance and post something that identifies you all over the internet, then think about all that Catie passed through and understand your suffering does not even compares.
If she can deal with it, then we can deal with it too.

To boxxy’s whore mother:

Bitch, we don’t give a fuck what you think or say. We know who you are and we know you’re a sick incestuous piece of human shit. That’s all I’m gonna say.

I hope your daughter gets raped with a broom handle.

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