Fuck Your Desert, Brown People Are Sub-Human Animals Who Feel Nothing, And The Middle East Is My Political Toy

We let Iraq go because it was no longer profitable to keep it. What good is a broken nation without oil? We need a power player, Iraq.

Cool Obama
I voted for war. Did you?

BAGHDAD – While your television was busy comparing the return of US Army Sergeant Bowe Robert Bergdahl to the Benghazi suicide bombing, an actual political toy unwound in this little spot on the desert you might remember from 2003.

Motherfucking Iraq. The country is falling to a group of desert criminals so bad Al Qaeda threw them out. Obama pulled out 5,000 contractors (not our profits!) and the place is going to hell faster than you can vote for Hillary Clinton.

We let Iraq go because it was no longer profitable to keep it. What good is a broken nation without oil? We need a power player, Iraq. Sorry. ISIS, she’s all yours. Take her for a spin. Don’t worry about coming home on time. Glenn Beck has his own channel and he’s on all night. We are in good hands. I love you, precious TV. My beautiful rectangle angel. My opium. My fixation.

Here’s the fun part: Syria – whose attempted overthrow was funded by the United States – is working with Iraq, whose government was installed by the US, to fight Jihadist militants supported by the United States in Syria (but not in Iraq).

Iran – America’s opponent on the world stage – has offered to help Iraq (a historical enemy) and the US (also an enemy) combat the insurgency opposed by the US in Iraq but supported by the US in Syria, Iran’s ally.

So, there you go, TV. Have fun with that shit.

Anybody watching Louie? The last two episodes of Season 4 come on tomorrow night. You’d better set your hoppers to record, so you can watch your edgy hate-man while the kids are out of the room. We fucking hate you, America. Goodnight.

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By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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It’s been a hundred years in the making for the good ol’ USA to get this bad, but it’s been brewing since Napoleon and the French Revolution before our own in the 1700’s. The establishment we declared independence from in 1776 usurped our government in 1913. Here’s the punch line:

The establishment is an international clan of inbred Ashkenazi bankers that own controlling interest in everything from our military to Hollywood and controls the global conversation. We argue like it wants us to. Their ancestors inherited the Hebrew religion by decree of a King of the Khazars circa 70 A.D. The House of Rothschild now owns controlling interest in everything and entire nations are beholden with no hope of paying it back….

The name of this clan of Ashkenazi bankers was changed in the 1700’s in Frankfurt Germany from Bauer to Rothschild. That is history. Now their agenda is unfolding and they loathe us all and are trying to depopulate the planet.

The control the House of Rothschild has had using Reuters which subsequently obtained controlling interest in the Associated Press has enabled lies to be printed as fact. They only pay for “peer review” that suits the agenda. This illicit power has been abused to start wars for profit, as the House of Rothschild funds all sides of war. By some accounts they funded Hitler, but establishment historians insist Hitler stole all that wealth from the House of Rothschild.

JFK warned the press we are opposed around the world by this “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that uses covert means to expand it’s sphere of influence…” excerpt from April 27, 1961 at the Waldorf/Astoria Hotel in N.Y. JFK was the only President to try and end the Fed in the last hundred years.

Establishment historians insist Andrew Jackson was the worst President we ever had because we finally obtained our freedom and independence when Ol’ Hickory killed the Rothschild’s bank circa 1833-1836.

Why is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the United Nations populated with pseudo-scientists who insist on intervention to use their Geo-engineering?

All of our modern illicit war and tyranny at home is based on the 9/11 lie the establishment insists that no explosives were used and this is just a collapse:


The solution is simple-hard. Stop borrowing money.

End the Fed. Invite everyone in Tel Aviv here to the States where there is freedom of religion. Bring our troops home and reopen all the military bases to boost economies here, instead of “over there”. Demo the U.N. Building in N.Y. and make sure there aren’t any innocent people inside this time. Abolish the I.R.S. and return the job of government back to the States who are well equipped to handle it, and also learn to coin and treasure their own money.

That’s the answer to the world problems. You’re welcome. Peace out.

thanks for the real scoop as always dave, but if we have to kill the jews off again for world peace then how are we to make sure it isn’t the jews behind new hitler again this time

joo lizards i tellz ya. theyr out to eat blond, blue-eyed people like me and the latvians and enslave the less tasty rest like u. and they make global warming cause theyr lizards and like to lie on rocks n stuff. and cause theyr aliens and space evil, this new holocaust will be free of racism and religious bigotry. i think we can totally agree on that.

911 wasn’t a lie, just VERY convenient ;) [img][/img]

Can’t listen to the show live on my new phone, not sure why. I’ll make an email addy tomorrow, I am walking home and was listening to ur show on the Virgin Way (misspelt on purpose), glad to hear ur writing something else that’s not for this digital rag, lol, & trust me if I ever win the lottery I will enslave you and fishfag and pay macfags to dominate both of you for shit$ & giggle$. Anyways sun burnt & tired. Just waiting for you train wreck of broadcast to end. And where is this music show you promise, huh … serially saw this homeless guy texting someone w/ an iPhone, wtf, I need to pull a commander faux and start panhandling myself so I can buy a laptop
Below is a flyer I saw pasted up for gay pride and thought I need to show this to Billy … ya so debate, discuss, & discourse fuckers[img][/img]

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