US Presidents under increasing threat of rap battle. Sources report: ‘These mixtapes are fire’

Washington, D.C. — King Obama stands up from a throne of human bones and walks onto the balcony overlooking Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘Today is the day,’ he thinks. ‘Today it is finally going to happen.’ Having entered his third stage of molting, Obama sheds a hard carapace, revealing a slick, soft hide. It is as dark and supple as […]

The False Choice of American Politics: The Socialist Party of America website is useless and ugly

Washington, DC — The absolution of two-party control over American voters is so strong that actual voter fraud is neither necessary nor would it even be detectable if such a need were to arise. The Socialist Party of America is suspiciously ugly. When compared to the Democratic and Grand Old Party party websites, the Socialist website seems […]

SEX SCANDAL: Casey Anthony ‘barebacked’ Barack Hussein Obama – Casey cums to Washington

Oral sex in the Oval Office is something like a rite-of-passage for any American president. Kennedy had Monroe. Clinton had Lewinsky. Both Bushes had Barbara. And for the first time, the Internet Chronicle can reveal: Obama had Anthony. Casey came to Washington shortly after a Florida jury found her—rightfully, dutifully, judiciously—not guilty of killing her […]