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Michael Jackson lives on, struggling against the Illuminati

[pullquote]”When the news said Michael died I instantly wanted to figure out what happened, because instinctively I thought of the Illuminati first.”[/pullquote]Strong evidence unearthed by death hoax investigators at Michael Jackson Hoax Forum suggests that Michael Jackson is actually alive, using his faked death as a way to continue his struggle against the Illuminati. Some skeptics have suggested that Jackson is actually dead at the hands of his worst enemies. “Michael Jackson really pissed of the Illuminati so they killed him… and are now creating all these fake clues so that Michael Jackson fans believe he is alive and hence do not seek justice for him being murdered.”

Michael Jackson has possibly been dropping clues to his fans on the official Michael Jackson Community Forum Web Site under the username ‘back since 2005. Some skeptics have argued that ‘back’ is actually not Michael Jackson himself, but possibly someone who is “in the know.” However, Jackson definitely appeared on Larry King Live, shortly after his death, disguised as burn victim Dave Dave.

“Hoaxers,” as believers of the Michael Jackson death hoax like to be called,  are often threatened and misled by a shadowy force that is most likely the Illuminati. There is wide consensus that Jackson has extensively used at least three body doubles in order to throw off the New World Order.

What Hoaxers need to come to grips with is that the Illuminati has the means, motives, and methods available to completely control Michael Jackson. 2012 is sure to be a remarkable year, and some Hoaxers believe that Jackson will return as a messianic figurehead for the Illuminati’s new religion, setting the stage for the New World Order.

All these subtle clues and hints from the Illuminati are all a part of a cruel jest. “The Illuminati like playing games – remember that – that is why the illuminati symbolism appears in every mainstream music video.”


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that def wasn’t a troll, you’re were just dumb-struck with overwhelming love and adoration when you saw your ex’s name backwards.

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