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Miley Cyrus announces she is pregnant at press conference in Los Angeles

Teen idol and Hanna Montana star, Miley Cyrus, announced today that she is two months pregnant with Australian actor Liam Hemsworth’s child. Cyrus held a special press conference in Los Angeles, taking time to emphasize the importance of safe sex and abstinence for teens. When asked by a reporter if her pregnancy was planned, Cyrus said only, “Me and Liam are happy for this unexpected blessing.”

Miley likely succumbed to her baser instincts after using Salvia Divinorum, a legal drug which is known to cause innocent young women to crave sexual intercourse. Numerous reports of Miley’s prolific Salvia use have surfaced in the past, such as this video of her taking a bong rip.

Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus was not present at his daughter’s press conference, and when questioned about his daughter’s pregnancy via Twitter, Cyrus tweeted the following:

Miley’s shocking announcement comes on the heels of an unprecedented move by health secretary, Kathleen Sibelius, banning over the counter sales of the “morning after pill” to girls under the age of 17. For all the young women out there dealing with rampant Salvia abuse and images of “creampies” fetishized by the media, this news is decidedly terrible.

25 replies on “Miley Cyrus announces she is pregnant at press conference in Los Angeles”

How did this Russian website get the news before me?

Happy for what blessing? Bitch, you haven’t even told me yet. Don’t break my heart Miley, my achy breaky heart

i bet everyone that reads this comment would knock up miley cyrus. she’s sexy and smokes hella weed. not to mention she’s loaded. miley, if you read this, follow @_dubstepdealer_ on twitter and we can get this party goin. i know you aren’t pregnant so bring alcohol. we got da ganja.

момци, јас сум потреби вид на приказни дека се доаѓа со сега. Тоа е добар трансформација

Is she really pregnant? She don’t tell this on twitter…. I don’t believe it, there is no proof or a movie about she say that @ the press conference !!!! Has enyone proof

whether miley is preggers or not. yall need to leave her alone. and the guy who claims to be liem can really go bug someone else. okay….sry miley that u get teased bout stupid bs.

if miley is pregnant or not..that aint ya business let her be bc apparently that was her decision & shes happy w. it so yeah be fucking real & leave her the hell alone…& if its fake these stupid people needa stop making shit up its so fucking añoying okae…im out peace

I am so confused is Miley pregnant or not? I am wearing she is, She is not and she had a miscarriage something like that xxx

I bet it’s just a rumor someone made up and even if Miley is pregnant so what it’s none of your business so shut the fuck up bitches.And this is not bout Akron so don’t bring him into this,all righty!!!! People these days so judgemental!. Lol

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