The Pied Pipers

Barrett Brown, a self-described journalist with no training whatsoever, has long played pied piper for Anonymous when not working as an intermediary for the media and hackers. Commander X, a long-time hactivist promoting the rights of the homeless, is another popular demagogue who boasts openly about how he is able to “control” the hive.

X claims he can control the hive.

Command  delusions, drug addictions, and homophobia are not the only thing these fire-dogs have in common. In Barrett Brown’s nightly tinychat sessions, he discusses the issues of the day, and yesterday he spoke about the case of Amber Lyon.

Amber Lyon was allegedly fired from CNN for her overzealous coverage of Occupy and Arab Spring events. The ongoing flap between her and CNN is filled with conflicting and confusing nonsense, but I’m inclined to go with the sensible story on CNN International.

“By mid February 2011 CNN had already deployed several of its most well respected international correspondents to report on the unrest and the government’s violent response, including Nic Robertson, Arwa Damon, Rima Maktabi and CNN International Anchor Hala Gorani.  Damon, Maktabi and Gorani are all fluent Arabic speakers.”

Glenn Greenwald, a former trial lawyer with absolutely no training as a journalist, used his podium on the Guardian to push the narrative that Lyon’s documentary on Bahrain and other reports about Bahrain have been suppressed.

“After Lyon’s crew returned from Bahrain, CNN had no correspondents regularly reporting on the escalating violence.”

So, just how are Lyon’s chops? Is she a capable and competent seeker of truth, and is that why she was fired from CNN? Would she fall prey to a simple twitter hoax?

Amber Lyon retweeted a parody account on Twitter, ‘Glen Greenwald’, which appears at a quick glance to be Glenn Greenwald. She quickly removed the tweet, but the damage had already been done.

How about Barrett Brown? Is he also an easily-fooled demagogue who will believe anything confirming his preexisting prejudices?

I assumed the name ‘amber’, a social-engineering hacker character from a novel I’m working on, and Barrett Brown immediately assumed I was Amber Lyon. I requested the presence of Commander X, and he promptly appeared.

The conversation that followed was immensely painful. They begged me for information proving CNN International receives money from Bahrain, and I claimed I had some. I told them I was working on an article which would prove this point, but I only had one source and a professional journalist needs more than just that in order to corroborate fact. This, of course, was a reference to the supposed journalist, Barrett Brown, who did not corroborate the identity of Amber Lyon before reporting on her presence via Twitter. Commander X, the hacker who said he could control the hive, seemed ready to orchestrate a cyberattack at my whim, interpreting my plea for extra sources as a request for a hack. Oh, the bitter horrific irony. Would he have hacked a web site for a hoaxer? My God! Anonymous, is this your leader?

Demagogues are great for confirming everything you already believe and whipping up hysteria, but they’re not what they claim to be. As a proven prophet, I’m all too happy to pull rank on them and show that a lot of noise does not a leader make.

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it’s official. after 3 years of research, #anonymous is dead. remaining ops are fed run, and everything is a trap. amusing in a way. ironic
9:47pm – 27 Aug 12
question is. why keep operations running? i’ve seen the real harm done. and it’s not done in the name of #anonymous. it’s done by randoms.
9:50pm – 27 Aug 12
It’s carried out in the name of #Assange (and don’t you forget it, Mz Kitty.) @Ihazcandy
11:01pm – 27 Aug 12
after operating over 100 honeypots in 3 years, I have identified the real threats, it’s no secret what i’ve learned. something smells fishy.
9:52pm – 27 Aug 12

Fuck that was K.O. Fishman, #THEGAME
Adult followers need ask themselves some hard and meaningful questions since #Assange’s children are incapable of seeing the ‘truth’. Anonymous is now controlled by government interests (has been since chanology), and #occupy is just like The Tea Party on the right, both are manufactured movements. And at this point I am incline to think the Arab Spring was as well. Barrett Brown teh (ass)clown is leading the sheeple youth of ‘Anonymous/anonymous’ to the slaughter (he is no different the SAbu, he encourages them to committ crimes in name of ‘revolution’ and ‘antisec). #Antisec since June 2011 has been an FBI government falseflag operation. And the fact that Barrett is still running has mouth as a free man is the tell. Barrett teh (ass)clown and Col.Klink, I mean CommanderX are false prophets, #KillItWithFire kids.

In the land of sockpuppets what does it mean to ask for papers? The broccoli of reason always has to compete with the yummy desert of whipped hysteria ( and kids seemingly always prefer eating desert over vegetables ). I’m not sure if in the land of sockpuppets journalism , as it has been traditionally thought of, can exist. Isn’t propagandizing the attempt to persuade with the deployment of entities other than facts?……later groundfags.

mmmmm whipped hysteria it confirms everything i already believe about the evils of america the evil empire of evil… mmm obvious evil is obvious

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