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BREAKING NEWS: Presstorm Media Raided for Retardation

We’re pleased to announce that the Columbia Police Department raided Presstorm Media early Friday morning in an ongoing operation against libertarians who need to take their anti-psychotics.

We’re pleased to announce that the Columbia Police Department raided Presstorm Media early Friday morning in an ongoing operation against libertarians who need to take their anti-psychotics.

AntiVigilante could not immediately be reached for comment, as a badass muscled cop was busting his head. Witnesses to the early morning raid, which commenced with police ramming an armored SWAT van through the back wall of AntiVigilante’s  mobile home, held that he could be heard screaming about “statists” and “the motherfucking gold standard.”

“Yeah man, and then this cop took oneathose extendable clubs and straight up rammed it through that fool’s skull. Shit was tight!” said neighbor Sean Hernandez, who commented on AnonOps IRC.

Chronicle.SU contacted the Columbia Police Department for comment on the random roundups of suspected seditionists. Spokeswoman Cori Bennett said agents “administratively arrested Blake ‘AntiVigilante’ Pierce as part of a law enforcement operation targeting known gang members and associates.”

Presstorm has deleted all traces of Antivigilante from their web site, under an apparent threat from law enforcement.

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If AIDS had a flavor, it would taste like the copious tears of my bitter master, ShadowMindGear.
A fag, you say?
AIDS he has?
Can’t say for certain, as I am a broken, dejected Shetland Pony with a Weetabix figurine permanently jammed into my rectal wall, not as you might infer, a microbiologist.

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