Butthurt? Here, fill this out.

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I hope you can assess my butthurt soon. It’s becoming a day-to-day trauma, especially when I’m preparing my perky young anus for the life sentence I apparently will be facing in an American jail. That being said, I recommend cross-referencing your form inbox with those of your boss, Dr. Topiary, CEO of Digger Nicks Incorporated.

- Begin highly dramatic encryption -
- End highly dramatic encryption -

Yes, I will be glad to take your position as official LulzSec troll when the v& takes you away. So glad you asked. Also, I will visit you in jail and sneak your fake news articles out when I visit.

Excellent. I also bequeath to you, upon arrest, my media contact email account, in the hopes that you can pretend to be me for a while. Doing so may trick large media outlets such as ABC, Fox News, CBC, BBC, NYTimes, Washington Post, CNN, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, and MSNBC into quoting something Chronicle-related while making them think they’re talking to the guy they’ve been constantly emailing for 6 months straight. You will have to increase your skill points in all fields to achieve this impersonation. I have (little) faith in you, soldier.

Looks like someone needs a new Ryan Cleary. Well, I guess I don’t mind my name showing up in th3j35t3r’s next round of LulzSec d0x from whatever made up hacking group he creates next. Don’t worry, I’m very familiar with UK English because it is my favourite colour.

lolol thanks for @’ng me with the butthurt story
the chronicle doesn’t try too hard to be funny, i do, and so does shrubfucker. i think it just comes naturally for mogul, perhaps trout also, but again, you try to hard soemtimes. am i butt hurt about it? yes, yes indeed. i feel violated and moreover penetrated by the dildo of lies aka the chronicle. i come to the site expecting hard hitting journalism, and as a result i take everything you say to be true. my friends think i’m crazy, and my ass hole can only stretch so far

I’m sorry, please only use this area for submitting forms. Any further comments not related to the butthurt form will be deleted.

That’s the nig (nick) above I was asking u about on btr back in the spring but u were havin’ a altimzer moment fgt.

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