Charles Manson: Beyond Alpha

How did Manson create a "hard harem" and how can Red Pill dating enthusiasts learn from his gaming techniques?
How did Manson create a “hard harem” and how can Red Pill dating enthusiasts learn from his gaming techniques?
REDDIT — With little or no effort to improve his physique, confidence, or any other aspect of his person for women — as so many alphas have labored at for years — Charles Manson attracted a harem of women who would murder for him. How did he do this, seemingly in contradiction to all Red Pill Theory?

Manson, a slight, strange, and even ugly man, did not impress his “hard” harem of women with muscles or boisterous and confident behavior, but instead initiated a storytelling tradition and wrote songs which both attracted women and tied them to him with such strong emotions that several members of his harem have weathered traumatic murder sprees, decades of separation, and even long-term solitary confinement and would return to his bed if given the chance — or even continue to murder at his command!

Through mastery of song, storytelling, and psychonautic bonding through LSD, Manson cultivated a value system which placed himself at the center of not only the women’s lives, but of their subjective realities. His power was such that it extended even into the realm of other alphas who were glad to be granted limited access to his harem in return for alpha services, such as threatening or even murdering Manson’s enemies. These men were no betas, but tough and confident alphas — and all of this is only scratching the surface of reasons why Manson went far beyond alpha.

If Manson’s practices were to be brought under one umbrella term, a beyond alpha’s ‘game’ might be called storytelling, or ‘cult game’ as some have suggested. However, a beyond alpha is not ‘gaming’ in any sense, but rather creating an inspiring vision of love. Here, telling stories and mastering musical instruments is the beyond alpha’s version of weight lifting or practicing confident pick up lines.The only alteration to appearance necessary for the beyond alpha might be growth of an excessively large beard, which likens the beyond alpha to great philosophers and prophets rather than muscle-bound athletes, field hands, or steroid junkies.

The beyond alpha does not approach women or even participate in the sexual market, but rather sets up his own system, his own market. Women approach him with knowledge of the rules of his particular creation because they have been influenced, and more importantly inspired, by his stories and songs. For the beyond alpha, every woman who seeks him out is by definition a Unicorn. However, and this is important, the beyond alpha exerts zero energy in attracting or approaching women — all his energy is spent on inspiring those around him with poetry and art.

Not every man can aspire to go beyond alpha, and in fact very few can. However, the lessons from beyond alphas such as Muhammed, Jesus, Raël, Manson, and others is clear: The reality revealed when you take the Red Pill is one that is made of clay — it can be altered. Any woman can become a Unicorn if you are able to inspire her. The sexual market and everything that comes with the Red Pill ideology is rooted in a common reality as revealed by the red pill, the “natural attitude,” but the beyond alpha does not submit even to this. He constructs his own reality, and as women flock to him he transforms them into loyal Unicorns. With this incredible power, the beyond alpha can even begin to subjugate other men.

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