News to institute gay readership ban

Homoerotic politicsINTERNET – The Internet Chronicle is proud to announce we will disable access to the domain for all homosexual readers. This change goes into effect immediately.

Under a fresh new Indiana ruling, is no longer required to cater to the godless homosexual agenda. As a result of this important change, our expert staff of writers and editors will be running more stories about sports, videogames, literature and war.


It’s about ethics in journalism journalism.

Dr. Angstrom T. Heterodauer


All complaints should be registered in the comment fields below; however, be advised that if we detect homosexuality in your post, the comment will be deleted, your IP will be banned, and your voice silenced, forever.

Editor’s Note: Yes, we are losing money but you can’t put a price on religious freedom. As we like to say here at Lebal Drocer, “Freedom ain’t free.”

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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Kind of reminds one of the time Asher Wolf, the anti-censorship activist, founder of CryptoParty, wikileaks cheerleader fangirl threatened an hero (suicide) if the radio show she interviewed on wasn’t taken down (READ: CENSORED), hypocrite much cunt.

I,m gay can i join in? well i like men, women ,babies and alsatians. well maybe the mutts first as they cant answer back and you want to see some of the human dogs i,ve shagged. much better then sheep though. baa baa.

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