Commander X “allegedly” spotted in Montreal

His hat IS a little pulled down, and his backpack is a little expensive looking.

A picture “allegedly” of famed Anonymous escapee hacker Commander X sitting in the streets of Montreal appeared three days ago randomly from an “ănonymous” source. All exif data has been cleaned, so there is no way to possibly verify the eyewitness account confirming his identity or the image itself existing at any date or time. The image shows a city that could be any city at all, so law enforcement will be sure to track him right the fuck down in no time flat.

So there you go! This data is about as useful as a shit and the elderly homeless hacker roams free, yet again. Where are you batman?

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Nice Now newspaper box in the BG, but HEY the cops can’t be too bright if he’s still on the run almost 10:yrs later *cough, cough* fed/snitch/honeypot.

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