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Editing reality: Sabu down the memory hole

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So we AREN’T CHANGING THE WORLD one basement at a time? I’m feeling disillusioned, OH CRAP THE FEDS ARE HERE! And I’m only 8! HOW DO I LOIC A DOOR?

Rev Magdalen did a great job on the before & after tweets.
——–> We love you oh wait we now hate you <———
Then Anonymous minimize Sabu part in Anonymous. I'll add that there is more snitches laying in the weeds, and with a lot of cred among Anonymous too.
Anonymous should be saying the same thing too. Anonymous should read what Rev Magdalen wrote here everyday when they get out of bed and before they go to bed.
Anonymous should tell the truth and tell the people they were Pwnd like a noob bend over a table with their pants around their ankles.
Or wait for the next shoe to drop.
Silly kids, No leader lmao give me a break,

I remember when anonymous just posted funny stuff on the internet and trolled websites. In fact, it is still fresh in my mind because they’re still doing that.

The group of IRL #MORALFAGS by the same name have always sort of embarrassed me, but only because I am embarrased FOR THEM. I mean, I went and shot photos of those losers on Scientology Day back in 2007 and beamed the photographs back to 4chan so we could have a good laugh at their expense. That was the obvious dividing line back then, and it’s kind of strange how the media has worked to destroy it ever since someone posted IRL POOL’S CLOSED TO BLACK PEOPLE on the gates of local public swimming pools. LULZ = CORRUPTION OF LOL. HACKERS ON STEROIDS and all that funny stuff.

Please, for the love of god, if you’re gonna protest, do it with your face as if you’re actually a member of the society you supposedly wish to improve. Conceal your identities when doing illegal things you all love to do, like distributing child porn, or hoaxing news agencies.

Also, lol

Well, Anonymous was once a joke cult but it has now crossed into the realm of the serious. It’s not time to end the revolution but it is time to ditch the insanity and start fresh. Once the sense of humor dies out, so does the grip on reality. Anonymous lives in fantasyland.

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