What the fuck is this!?

So today I signed onto Chronicle.SU and saw fucking porn ADS popping up all over the place. What the shit has this place become?

Just a couple of days ago I read a really great article and I thought Chronicle was finally making a comeback…

Now they’re just going to make a bunch of ridiculous stories up for hits, you know. Not even writing funny stories, just hit stunts using search engine tricks. Fuck the Internet Chroncile. Yeah you heard me, fuck this place.

I’m quitting this fucking web site, you’ll never see me here again. Kilgoar and Ol Brutus are dead to me. Everything they write from this point on is just to make money. Fuck. I hate this.

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Ahahahaha…I see he found the pad again and had another gamer rage, kind of like Sony all over again.. Errrr don’t let the virtual door hit you in the ass on the way out (the head would kind of be nice). SEE YA!

braindead, sure. but we’re raking in the BIG BUCKS now, you have no idea how rich we are, all thanks to you!

oh good one. i tell you it’s not me, and i’m trolled because it actually wasn’t me, and i was right. solid logic there bro.
obvi you or kilgoar wrote it. smh

“The processes increasing entropy where they are happening, emit time. These are, for instance, ice melting, liquid evaporation, dissolution of substances in water and even plant withering. The contrary processes, such as cooling of bodies and water freezing, absorb time…”

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