Giovanna Plowman sucks on used tampon

INTERNET–Internet ‘Geek’ culture found a young new hero Monday in Giovanna Plowman. ‘Geek’, however, is used here in an archaic sense to describe those like the painters’ caulk chugging Shoenice, who recently overdosed and died in his video titled “OVER TWO POUNDS OF RAT POISON IN UNDER THIRTY SECONDS.”

Ms. Plowman is seen in this video extricating the used feminine hygiene product from between her legs and repeatedly sucking on it while the conflicting emotions play out on her face. The joy of her imminent youtube fame, however, seems to strongly override the disgust, especially as she cranks Nicki Minaj on her smartphone.

As a dediated young ‘geek’, Ms. Plowman finished the job, sucking nearly all the blood and menstrual tissue out of her tampon.

This historic event in ‘geekdom’ has been brought to you by Lebal Drocer, Incorporated. Remember kids, once it hits youtube, your parents can’t stop it. Take your fifteen minutes of fame ON YOUR OWN TERMS!

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Shes gross. But maybe shes trying a new trend like the ‘cinnamon challenge’
The tampon challenge. And she won.
The end

Kill yourself damn ape. Even if this was fake you probably lost all your friends. lolololololol. you mentioned that it was fake because “your friend ran under a table and handed you a tampon” I see no table uokm8 die irl.

ONCE AGAIN, some people will do ANYTHING to get known on the internet!
SO…in her next job interview, “Ms Plowman, have you ever used the internet to upload videos of yourself? …I see. And to what purpose was this upload? …This concludes our interview with you. And if we ever need a dirty, disgusting, pigslut whore without any values…we will call you! Hey! Good luck in your job searches!

Yummy what a good girl!! kinda makes up for alla the bitches I’ve went down on to suck their cooches n they were bleedin!!! PAYBACK!!!

May I ask what exactly is so outrageous about this video? What harm exactly does sucking a used tampon do to the rest of world to warrant such disgust and outrage?

What’s your opinion of the US spending trillions of dollars of taxpayer money for wars, killing thousands of innocent people, while cutting funding for domestic social programs, education and science?
What’s your opinion of Wall Street bankers plunging the world into an economic recession because billions in profits weren’t enough for them, and then had to be bailed out at the expense of everyone else so that they could keep their billions?
What do you think about people in the US shooting each other all the time because any idiot can easily get a semi-automatic without any background check?

If you honestly think sucking a tampon is unacceptable, I have only one thing to say to you: FUCK YOU AND YOUR FALSE MORALITY!
There’s so many things that are wrong in the world. Someone sucking a tampon is NOT one of them.

Seriously disgusting I mean there’s nothing wrong with experiencing things but too put such a gruesome video of yourself on fb is purely seeking attention! And people embrace this like she was sucking from a bottle of holy water? Shows what’s wrong with our society! it’s getting bigger and bigger next thing u’ll see some1 giving birth and eating their child’s umbilical cord raw or some1 ripping out a testicle and chewing it too bits! And the world will be like ooh there’s bigger problems like war! There’s just no manners! Its extinct…I feel damn sorry for the future generation its gonna be a fucked up lot!! My poor children have too witness this shit!!!
And why didn’t you just go suck on a dick?? Than sucking on your dead ovum…
Sincerely flippen grossed out geeez!!

Maybe she’s mentally retarded or psychotic and had a blood fetish. She’s really stupid for making the omg it smells so bad face

She’s probably a fetishist. It’s more common for men to lust after the menstrual cycle of females but I’m sure its not impossible for a female to do the same. That being said I think she may have some kind of mental disorder, she was doing a lot of mouth breathing which is a sign of low intelligence. I also don’t think it was fake, if it was she replicated the look of menstrual blood and tissue to a T.

That girl needs help. She has to be a total psychopathic slut to do that….well she beets to girls and a
cup now lol

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