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HAARP and Chemtrail geoengineering systems "Protect America's Climate," says Obama

President Obama held a press release which denied Snowden's accusation that the US was engaging in chemtrail and HAARP activity to the detriment of other parts of the world.
President Obama held a press release which denied Snowden’s accusation that the US was engaging in chemtrail and HAARP activity to the detriment of the climate in other parts of the world.

WASHINGTON — Recent revelations from Snowden outlined a complex cloud weather modification project carried out by the classified High Altitude Auroral Research Project (HAARP) and the Jet Fuel Cloud Seeding Program (JFCSP) commonly known as Chemtrails. Wednesday, President Obama stunned the public in a press release admitting to decades of classified weather modification by the United States and promised to establish a permanent international independent oversight committee.

President Obama shocked the world with candid words, “Hundreds of countries are carrying out weather modification programs, and we’re doing it better than any of them. However, this has been secret for too long. The American People need to know about what we do to make sure our children have something to eat each and every year. It’s true we need more oversight for geoengineering projects, so I’ve signed an executive order establishing an international third party oversight group to not only investigate for abuse but also to keep the public informed about new and existing geoengineering programs.”

President Obama addressed the tough topic head-on, building a strong case for the weather modification programs while refuting concerns from activists, saying, “Geoengineering is necessary for our country’s agricultural industries and keeps millions of Americans employed every year. Our efforts in high altitude microwave technology at HAARP combined with the innovations in cloud seeding technology introduced by the jet fuel industry gives the American People a level of control over the elements unprecedented in the history of mankind. American Scientists are quickly approaching capabilities which will not only curb global climate change, but also to put an end to disastrous hurricanes and typhoons. For decades these programs have been kept secret out of concern for national security, but I have decided there is no need to keep this program a secret. Sensational reports that the United States will exist in a ‘bubble’ as the rest of the world heats up uncontrollably have no basis in scientific fact.”

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Thank you so much for reporting on this story. It is truly a matter of life or death for our planet. Keep up the great reporting.


Do we have a new YouTube video ready to watch yet? Thanks for your help Alex. Most folks are now aware of the establishment having usurped our own government.

All of our modern illicit war and tyranny at home is based on the establishment’s 9/11 lie.

Now the Georgia Guide Stones objective of massive depopulation is at hand. They’re spraying us AND THEMSELVES with poisonous Chemtrails that destroys the Earth’s ozone more than man and volcano have ever accomplished to date. The ozone is ripped up so badly, Edward Snowden revealed the mad scientist in charge at Muad’Dib believes if chemtrails were shut down, North America would burn up in just one year is how bad he believes it is… revealed by Edward Snowden… and covered up by the media…

Yes….unfortunately..,. The people won’t be lie ve.. That a fully patriotic government ..would let such a thing happen…oh the many lies too many many many lieSss!possibilities are it’s all coming to a head..pop!!

Of all the communist things that have ever come out of this illegitimate president’s mouth, if the media doesn’t just stay silent about it as well!


Shocking as when Snowden broke the news about Muad’Dib and the HAARP ionosphere heaters to manipulate the jet stream and the chemtrails that are sprayed to block out the sun, but in reality are discovered to interrupt the natural hydrolysis and impedes evaportation, and when it comes down, and all of it does come down, it poisons fish and wildlife, kills and defoliates plants and trees, and Monsanto is developing GMO seeds that are resistant to nano-aluminum! Bee colonies are still perishing. Dane Wiggington claims the extinction rate of microbes is 200% above normal background extinction rates.

The noise meteorologist made about that was overwhelmed by cricket chirps.

I read an article that went beyond the fact that there is no sanity at the top. The establishment that usurped our own government a hundred years ago in 1913, is immersed in a self loathing syndrome, and doesn’t care that this crap being sprayed falls on them as well. The fact that they’re sending a torpedo into their own ship (Earth) is part of this modern hate phase they have for their own warmongering selves! There is no sanity at the top! This warmongering clan is behind it all, all the lies and war, but worst of all they’re destroying the planet with Chemtrails and don’t care!

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Can you provide the source of what and when Obama said that. Sorry but Google can’t find if when citing what he said. I don’t believe there would be nothing out there and chemtrails are visible in Europe as well. Clouds also look like their a Wi-Fi sign sometimes which reminds of haarp.

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