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Hobby Lobby web site taken down by Anonymous

Anonymous dusts off its most powerful hacking tool to take down Hobby Lobby
Anonymous dusts off its most powerful hacking tool to take down Hobby Lobby

INTERNET — Monday morning, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled 5-4 that Hobby Lobby does not have to pay for any healthcare that involves the reproductive systems of women. Hacktivists at Anonymous, the decentralized collective and ensemble of tricksters fired back with the Low Orbit Ion Cannon, their most powerful hacking tool. Thousands of angered “Anons,” as they refer to themselves, “fired packets” and took Hobby Lobby’s web site offline for nearly twenty minutes, causing billions of dollars of irreparable damage that may put Hobby Lobby out of business forever.

Hobby Lobby’s CEO, Gerald Celento, told reporters, “God prefers a hands-off policy towards women’s sex organs, even when the uterus is rotting out of the body. Women are, as Christians have always known, more easily corruptible than men. Hobby Lobby has always had a policy against meddling with their fragile bodies. We’re happy to hear about the Supreme Court’s decision, but the vigilantes from the internet have ruined it for us, and I have no doubt they are part of the Satanic conspiracy emanating out of the Islamic State, the Black flag of the New Caliphate. A bloody war — I’m talking nuclear, biological, whatever kills the emergent Satanist state — is the only solution.”

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