‘Illegal’ Cuban intranet sponsored by US backers

A Cuban defector shows off his illegal network setup. He was never seen again.
A Cuban defector shows off his illegal network setup. He was never seen again.

Havana — As the decadent West declares Internet access a ‘human right,’ our Cuban allies have not fallen prey to such hubris. Castro has stood ever firmly against Capitalist frivolities such as ‘connectivity’ and ‘liberalization,’ preserving the untamed power of the Internet for select members of government and tourist locales.

Some defective young Cubans, however, have “come up with their own solution” according to Western media sources. Since 2001, these rebels have created a homegrown terror network called SNet, short for streetnet.

Sources close to the SNet plutocracy say an estimated 9,000 computers are connected to a network of hidden, illegal Wi-Fi antennas and Ethernet cables, strung over rooftops and across city streets.

Because using Wi-Fi equipment without a license is illegal in Cuba, SNet is an illegal, unregulated capitalistic enterprise purchased and installed by a Western corporation to disrupt Cuban Communism, with the recognition of trade talks on the horizon.

SNet users play first-person-shooting games that simulate militarized attacks on Communism, such as Call of Duty.

Users are not allowed to share pornography across the network, and are banned for sharing “real Internet” links that would reveal the network to the outside world.

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