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Illuminati Murders Lou Reed

Lou Reed's days of influencing musical acts are over, paving the way for more Illuminati mind-control pop music.
Lou Reed’s days of influencing musical acts are over, paving the way for more Illuminati mind-control pop music.

MIAMI, FLA – Lou Reed died tragically today at the age of 71, but media has been slow to report on the cause of his death at the hands of Illuminati murderers. Speculation that his death was related to a liver transplant last May proved false when Reed’s doctor, Angstrom H. Troubador, denied that Reed suffered any serious complications from this procedure.

Police report drafting compasses and dollar bills were strewn around Reed’s apartment, along with other assumed calling cards of the Illuminati. FEMA authorities cordoned off Reed’s apartment and evacuated nearby residents for fear of the presence of biological agents. Anonymous members of the Illuminati on Twitter took responsibility for the attack and celebrated by posting memes mocking Reed’s latest collaboration with Metallica, Lulu.

The Illuminati has been “cleaning up” influential musical acts to increase their own influence in the zero-sum game of “Symbolic Craft Masonry.” Since taking out their number one target and enemy, Michael Jackson, Illuminati influence has grown out of control, and as a result freedom has visibly declined. Illuminati members and shills such as Rihanna and Miley Cyrus now firmly control the message of all popular music.

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The illuminati are only 30.000 people world wide, put them into the world’s population that is only less than 5% they are all seriously mentally ill, with at least one to three or four mental illnesses. Combined with prescription medications and street drugs and money from any number of human trafficking trades for their cash funding. Any one who speaks out against them they kill, mostly making them look like suicides them of course they have the coronor and the chief of police to cover their tracks, what a bunch of idiots do you really think that no one can see through this bullshit there is no reality, due to the level of phycosis, they have a big payroll,they rape, assault and kill all with drugs to give the illusion of them being some type of super humans. When in reality they are just severely mentally ill.

Illuminati is secret society which control all of world and all of famous people like singers actors politicians even pastors but this singers pastors and others are not illuminati they are secret society members like freemasonry skull and bones they are not illuminati because of their blood illuminati members are the 13 families including Rothschild and British royal family like queen Elizabeth they are trying to brought New world order even they prepare to make war with Jesus they kill lot of People who know their secret like princess Diana Tupac Mikel Jackson you know what they kill Whitney Houston for Beyoncé child blue ivy and I think they kill Aaliyah because if Aaliyah is alive they know she will be queen A and there will not be queen B so they kill her by plane crash I know all thing about them but this is enough for today

Lou Reed hasn’t been a mainstream music influence in decades. Also, some of the ‘facts’ in this story are no corroborated anywhere else when a Google search is done… any mention of them references back to this page. It’s one thing to come up with theories… it’s a whole other thing to state things as facts when there is absolutely no solid evidence that they are true. I won’t argue about the existence of the Illuminati, but if it was real, ‘news stories’ like this are so presumptuous and have so little evidence that they do a terrible disservice to the anti-Illuminati cause that they claim to support. There hasn’t been a single famous death that hasn’t been an Illuminati kill, according to the loons who write stuff like this. Get a grip, people.

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