I’m telling you man, it’s like this…

The Hard-Hitting debate hit hard. The crowd jeered and erupted into jubilation. It used to be they’d hand out dials to the audience, for them to turn whenever they felt inclined. These reaction dials were not getting the point across, as most viewers did not understand how graphs really worked.

America’s the home team and Obama – he’s the relative of illegal immigrants and of !!!!!!questionable!!!!! birth himself.

By God’s grace we will defeat the Devils at Occupy Wall Street. Don’t dare go down there into their pit of sins, public defecations, fornications, and marxist ideologies. That’s work of the beast and the end times are here. You know who the antichrist is. You know it deep down.

Don’t despair. You can survive god’s wrath by investing in gold. Precious, sweet gold – it’s never been worth nothing!

Have faith. There is still hope. We can prevail. As long as you do you your part to drive Socialism out of our government and help Corporations Succeed, you will be forever rich in christ.

The debate exploded forth. Michele Bachmann made a comment about America’s problem with magnets. Illegal immigrant magnets. This was an attempt at viral marketing. Her PR team knew that magnets are an internet meme among Juggalos.

The Juggalos are not happy about Michele Bachmann trying to force their meme. Also /b/, being composed of 92% juggalos, is also pissed (lmao newfags).

…But where does Anonymous come into this all?

This is the best part…Nowhere! That’s the secret: No one gives a fuck about Anonymous anymore! They’re like the hippies and the punks – past their prime. The next generation of teenagers will have to found a completely new technofetishistic subculture based on even more deeply conflicted nihilism.

You know that they say “We are Legion,” right? That’s the devil. Anonymous openly claims to be the devil. Just another sign of the times. The end-times.

Hey, has someone been saying bad things about you in online reviews? will help you. We’ll spread whatever lies are necessary to every corner of the internet. We’ll spam that motherfucker that ratted on you into oblivion. Times are tough, and you cannot let the internet bring your business down.

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