Is Heather Marsh a Pedophile?

Heather Marsh is a Canadian blogger and organizer who is rapidly gaining influence, most notably as coordinator and spokesperson for Operation Death Eaters, an Anonymous-themed campaign that seeks to perpetuate a viewpoint which specifically views government officials as pedophiles.
Heather Marsh is a Canadian blogger and organizer who is rapidly gaining influence, most notably as coordinator and spokesperson for Operation Death Eaters, an Anonymous-themed campaign that seeks to perpetuate a viewpoint which specifically views government officials as pedophiles.

[pullquote]”Who controls the words controls your thoughts” ~ Heather Marsh[/pullquote]Marsh’s blog, GeorgieBC, is not substantive reading. Most of the posts can be reduced to one sentence that is badly supported by the sweeping gestures that are passed off as evidence in the post’s body. Add to that the tone of absolute certainty and a grandiose scope, and you have your average internet blog. What makes Marsh so influential are the usual and boring typical attributes that go into a paranoid, populist style.

Marsh’s pedophile-fixated viewpoints are outlined briefly in both a glossary and a dictionary published on her blog. The pedophile-obssessed New Orwellian Dictionary’s subtitle reads: “Who controls the words controls your thoughts,” and it is very short, cynical, and blandly satiric guide for how to read the news.

The glossary, on the other hand, is more of an informal style guide that is deployed by the most popular Anonymous accounts. Marsh’s great innovation from the dictionary is the word “Paedosadist,” which successfully leverages a lesson in etymology to further demonize pedophilia.

The glossary is prefaced with a short piece that is at odds with the introduction to the dictionary, invoking and denying authority and meaning in a swirl of words: definition, definition, definition, definition, -ition-ition-ition-ition while a lightly interspersed voice whispers: “Stigmergy is heaven, Stigmergy is bliss.” I recalled the cant of Osho’s hypnotic lecture-chants on Sufism, which was not unpleasant.

The following is a glossary of what I personally mean when I say these words. I realize there are many different definitions for most of them and this is not an attempt to impose my definitions as the correct ones or an invitation to debate the definitions, this is only the definition that applies to anything I say or write. As language is meant to be a shortcut to communication I try not to spend too much time discussing definitions and usually avoid the names of things like ideologies which are sure to derail every conversation into a discussion of definitions. Let me know what’s missing.

Special Note: I have not created a political ideology called Stigmergy. Stigmergy is a method of action based collaboration, one of many methods which work under different circumstances. It is not governance.

So it’s not Osho, but maybe this is the kind of spell that works on a computer nerd.


Thanks to Stigmergy™, I’m no longer a cynic who believes “who controls the words controls your thoughts!” Now I think of language as a “shortcut to communication.” And boy, those paedosadists better watch the hell out!

The New Orwellian Dictionary defines the word pedophile:

pedophile/paedophile [child lover]: Establishment approved name for those who rape, torture, abduct, blackmail and sometimes murder and dismember children.

Pedophile is the only word that has an etymology in this dictionary, as it is the pivot to Paedosadism. Maybe the word’s etymology suggests that “The Establishment” believes that blackmailing children is a loving way to treat children, or it might just be nonsense to jam up the brainworks for a healthy dose of Stigmergy Labs New TerrorMax For Kids. Or, maybe this is a Freudian slip revealing Heather Marsh’s campaign to save the children is a case of what she might call pedophilia. Is Heather Marsh a pedophile? She must love children a lot to dedicate her life to running #OpDeathEaters. So yes, by her own definition, Heather Marsh is the world’s number one pedophile.

The Heather Marsh style page defines Paedosadism:

Paedosadist: There is no such thing as a sexual orientation called paedophilia. A sexual orientation, or sex, requires consenting partners. It is not sex if some of those involved are called victims, that is rape. Someone attracted to rape has sexual sadism disorder or paraphilic coercive disorder. Someone attracted to the rape of children is a paedosadist. A paedosadist who acts on their impulses is a criminal paedosadist, one who does not is a non-offending paedosadist.

This maybe isn’t a definition so much as it is a Stigmergetic belief that could be trimmed down: “. . . no such thing as . . . paedophilia. A paedosadist . . . is a . . . paedosadist . . . is a . . . paedosadist.”

The Heather Marsh style page defines Death Eaters:

Death Eaters: Members of a sociopathic society where the societal norms or culture are driven by sadism or sexual sadism disorder. The agony of others is not a side effect of their actions but a goal. Death eaters are distinct from those with an individual personality disorder in that their society’s norms, structure and actions are all constructed to feed their sadism.

Death Eaters may also reference the bad guys from Harry Potter, or maybe this definition would mean something more when snarled by a barking dog robot. It is not credible that the Internet’s Hate Machine, known for its culture of deviant and even sadistic “lulz” would be swept up into the boring and hideous world of Heather Marsh.

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Meanwhile, while these femiNAZI and others are screaming get the pedos who is looking after their children **cough, cough** Cassandra. Funny they forget most kids are abused by someone they know. Just some facts:
An estimated 60% of perpetrators of sexual abuse are known to the child but are not family members, e.g., family friends, babysitters, child care providers, neighbors. About 30% of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are family members.Only about 10% of perpetrators of child sexual abuse are strangers to the child.Not all perpetrators are adults—an estimated 23% of reported cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by individuals under the age of 18.

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Zoe Voss/ Anna / Grai / whatever you call yourself now, how are you? Destroying people’s lives with your lies I’ve read/heard. Time has not done you well. You will get what is coming to you, times three.

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