ISIS Emirate declares Sharia law in Ferguson

Emir Malcom Muhammhed, who claims to be a representative for the ISIS Caliphate, declared sovereignty over a Ferguson "Black Zone" and instituted Sharia Law.
Emir Malcom Muhammhed, who claims to be a representative for the ISIS Caliphate, declared sovereignty over a Ferguson “Black Zone” and instituted Sharia Law.

INTERNET — Rather than hitching a ride to war-torn Syria, many Americans have joined ISIS to carry out “peaceful” operations inside the United States. Thousands of members of ISIS converged on Ferguson, Missouri, to capitalize on the racial tensions and have set up a “Black Zone” of sovereignty based on Sharia law. Emir Malcom Muhammed fired an AK-47 into the sky without fear of police and said, “No white man can enter the Black Zone except as humiliated second-class citizens, just as our brothers and sisters could not step foot in the Green Zone in Babylon. Saddam did nothing wrong when he gassed the foul Kurds. Every day the hand of Allah beats back their army of whores! Allahu Akhbar!” Emir Malcom then engaged full auto and emptied his clip into the air.

The government has mustered incredible control over both the news media and social media so as to effectively suppress knowledge of the Islamic revolutionary activities taking place in ISIS-controlled Ferguson. However, the tendrils of ISIS propaganda have nonetheless reached into thousands of segregated black high schools across the nation, which now teach that Christopher Columbus and the Vikings could not have possibly reached America first because the Islamic Caliphate conquered huge swaths of America as early as 993 AD. Dr. Angstrom Troubador, Lead Historian of the American Tradition institute, declined to offer any solid narrative that would justify the American government’s military attacks on Ferguson, but said, “I am terrified. It is as if the education system, the government system, the police, the military, it is all a structure built of something that has been hollowed out for years by termites, and now it’s caving in and revealing an entirely new reality, a new Islamic American Emirate is appearing in black communities everywhere. In just a few short months, riots have turned into terrorism and then into a nascent nation state.”


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OMFG ‘IT’ LIVES. Ya its horrible that wait staff (READ: Single Parents/Women with children) in ‘merica might want to make a livable wage instead of federal minimum of 2.13 an hr. The nerve of the working class. **goes back to scrubbing a toilet

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