Joshua Moon melts down as rumors of an FBI investigation into Kiwi Farms heats up

INTERNET — Joshua Moon was banned from X on the D-Day anniversary after insulting veterans and the freedoms they fought to protect. Moon’s company Final Solutions LLC operates Kiwi Farms, an internet gossip site known for abandoning all responsibility in publishing. So long as the material isn’t criminal, he’ll publish it.

The loss of this X account dealt Null a mortal blow, and he’s been posting about buying the same make and model of pistol that lowtax, the former owner operator of Something Awful used to end himself. However, he’s written in a now-deleted post that he’s just angry, not depressed, and in full control over the choice between these two emotions.

In complete turmoil following his ban from Elon Musk’s free speech platform, Null’s staged a theatrical self-castration for his gaggle of half-literate teenage fans, dubbing himself the “gigavictim.” He’s emoted deeply that his self-sacrificing efforts to make a change in the internet are all in vain, and any pretense of activism or reform have left his mind. What remains of this cockless former man is only “speech terrorism.” This is, no doubt, a reference to his continued writing of crappy essays rather than any of the milquetoast edgeposting on his extreme gossip forum.

Republican representative Marjorie Taylor Green said that the Kiwi Farms website should not be allowed to exist. Donald Trump and Joe Biden have yet to comment, but the overwhelming bipartisan determination is that this website is wrong. The one lawyer in America who came out to support Kiwi Farms before a later disavowal is the now disgraced YouTuber Nick Rekieta, who was definitely smoking something at the time.

Moon rants on Kiwi Farms about how even “free speech” oriented providers will not do business with him. Laughably, the Australian Vincent Zhen, a provider for the site, was so irresponsible as to no-show for a lawsuit and lose $400,000 on the basis of simply providing services to Moon. Civil suits have been a persistent issue for Moon, and now the FBI is closing in as well. Even Google is telling him, in automated messages, that his account has been turned over as evidence. The FBI toolkit of broad-reaching criminal charges is likely to find something, anything, and finally end the stupidity. Maybe Moon’s even involved in the Daniel Larson case, a homeless man who was trolled into pulling fire alarms, n-bombing strangers, and ultimately streaming bomb threats targeting investigating FBI agents.

I hopped onto Kiwi Farms and confronted Moon, who as far as I can tell is trying his damnedest to make as much case law against a free and open internet as possible. He claims to be a warrior for the freedom of speech, and yet his actions and comments indicate that he actually hates freedom.

Taking up the pitiful cowed posture of half-defeated Palpatine, Null is ready to zap down his next unwary victim. The lawsuit against Zhen, the public pressure on network infrastructure, it is not a great direction for internet freedom. Yet these precedents are a legacy that will long outlast Kiwi Farms, and gigavictim Moon is the one to blame. While funny, the chronicles of the life of Chris-Chan will not make or break humanity, and are not worth such sacrifice. Perhaps others will be zapped like Zhen, and Moon will continue with his website. But this late in the game, it sure doesn’t look like it. In fact, it’s a wonder he’s got so far.

Alas, a trans vine of thorns wrapped itself around Moon’s esophagus and his brokeass pendulum just wouldn’t swing. I was banned from Kiwi Farms and received no response. Let the coward’s effigy hang forever as a blood payment, sweethearts: Freedom ain’t free

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