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“Justice” on Juggalo Island

DETROIT, MICH.–This year at the Gathering of the Juggalos, fans caught a thief and swiftly enacted mob justice, destroying the thief’s car, not knowing that it was stolen. In the following video, a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by a man in full dark carnival style makeup flips his truck over the wreck, heaped up strategically by the “family” to chants of “holy shit.”

The angry mob, unsatisfied with even this triumphant scene, loaded the car onto a UHAUL trailer and paraded it around the festival. As the car and trailer scraped across the pavement doing thousands in damage to the park property and the trailer, cries of “Family,” “Fuck the Thief,” and “Occupy Car Wreck” spread to every corner of the festival, making all would-be thieves aware of Juggalo Law.

This video shows the car on parade before it is displayed at the main stage. POD plays hard metal.

The acronym ‘mmfwcl’ stands for much motherfucking wicked clown love.

3 replies on ““Justice” on Juggalo Island”

I laughed so hard at that video because I didn’t think his Jeep was really going to roll over, then it did. And everyone was so sad about it. And then happy again once they got it back on its wheels. Probably ten thousand dollars worth of damage done to his jeep in that one, repeated act of pointless violence.

As far as the kid’s face at the end of the second video: holy crap, what a redneck.

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