# Learn Wing Chun with Michelle Malkin! # hashtag

Michelle Malkin, known by the alias “Linda Vu” in the martial arts world demonstrates the first form of Wing Chun.

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I heared on the TV she was one of them communust spies sent over from North Korea. Bout damn time we reopen them internment camps again.

i’m not letting you get away with this one kt. the pit of my stomach gave way when i read the title of the article. for a brief moment i feared that a precious thing would be forever ruined. i would never be able to see the Sil-Nim-Tau the same again. malkin smirking her way through the “precious,precious” Sil-Nim-Tau. but,hooray! its only kt attempting a bit of the trool. cause,linda vu is NOT! hellspawn malkin. vu appears to be just another actress/model/fitness trainer/hole rutting for her 15min. her 1st form is more mystifying than bad. no huen-sau, bizarre pak-sau and tan-sau, everything too low,tan-sau/gaum-sau sequence in the last 3rd UTTERLY UNRECOGNIZABLE, and lastly, the bong-sau is not a strike. still, the image of her flat tanned stomach slapping my…..all the while , the only thing to break through the sweet smell of dense incense are the repeated cries of “me love you long time joe.”

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