Lolocaust Denial on 9/11, the Jewish agenda

As a child I thought I was born in the right place. I still hated those country songs about God’s glory shining on our privileged slab of dirt, but I knew down deep that America was the best. We had McDonald’s while other countries ate skinned cats. But now that globalist corporations have smeared our awesome wealth outside American borders, my personal sense of American exceptionalism has hit the rocks. Pakistan has nukes. Even third world countries have education systems which produce engineers, scientists and mathematicians. Meanwhile, Americans train to become capitalist doctors, lawyers and “Business majors” for the explicit purpose of exploiting the poor more efficiently. What has happened to our great nation?


Happy 9/11

Everyone knows what really happened on 9/11, but they ignore it because it’s too uncomfortable. It shouldn’t be so shocking that 9/11 was an inside job. Al-Qaeda has always been a proxy for the United States, and Osama bin Laden a sockpuppet of the Federal government. He is a world renowned hero involved in the trolling of Middle Class America. We know 9/11 was allowed to happen because the CIA called off the search for bin Laden in the spring of 2001. His subsequent death in 2011 was faked, and he still lives comfortably on an island in the South Pacific, smoking better reefer than Americans have yet been exposed to. It’s called Afghani Mega Skunk, bin Laden’s personal contribution to cannabis horticulture.

Osama’s participation in 9/11 was only half of the picture. George W Bush received the good news that his planned operation had been successful in the most dramatic setting possible, an elementary school. His knowing, gentle nod became proof, in itself, that all these events were completely staged. For Bush, 9/11 was not such a bad thing. 3,000 people dead provided a small boost for the economy. America is in need of 100 times a 9/11, if we want a quick fix for unemployment.

We arrive now at the heart of the conspiracy. When firefighters rushed into the towers that day, charged up on false hopes of saving everyone’s lives, they ignored all intelligent advice from engineers. The firefighters charged into the World Trade Center like suicidal cowboys, when really we know they were highly trained professionals. This was a secret order from the New World Order overlords. Jewish overlords.

The Jew run media knew it would make for great television and interviews if they demanded firefighters charged into their deaths. Death is like pornography on 9/11. The cameras zoomed in on the motherfuckers falling to their deaths. It’s extremely likely the Jews are getting off on taking out their historical suffering on the world at large.

Mmmmm delicious caek

It’s not that the firefighters are especially stupid; all of America is stupid. We can infer from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that Jews were behind 9/11. They had everything to gain, and have used this event to leverage vengeful persecution of Arabs in Afghanistan and Iraq. As the Jews are in near complete control of American media, this false flag attack was whitewashed as quickly as it was carried out. But it hasn’t ended with 9/11. Since then, the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia was staged as a clever distraction from the invasion of Iraq. Israel was complicit, as they were on 9/11. Israel has even more recently used weaponized social media to engineer the Egyptian public. The jews made them overrun their own embassy, and World War 3 has already secretly begun. Egyptian and Israeli black ops are battling over the secret historical site of the Garden of Eden where the fate of humanity will be decided forever.

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Some of that I agree wit,but most of it sounds like a drunk Nazi Or Weeded up Black Militant spouting out bout the typical bad guy’The Jew’.Crazy Story but was captivating!Keep up the Good FAKE Stories?

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