Maurino ‘Helk’ Barry, creator of Rust, Dead at 38

Helk poses inside his Toronto home, just inches from where his dead body was found by investigators.

TORONTO — Maurino Barry, creator of the popular PC video game Rust, known as “Helk” to millions of fans, was found dead inside of his Toronto home, Tuesday, impaled multiple times by a crudely fashioned wooden spear. Fans of Helk, now known as the [RIP] zerg, have swamped the popular Scablands server, erecting an enormous tower in his memory.

Timothy Seivert, the teenage suspect in Barry’s murder, was found naked rifling through Barry’s valuables when he was arrested. Seivert has been charged by Toronto police with first degree murder and attempted robbery.

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, an expert in video game addiction said, “My preliminary analysis of online posts from Seivert depicts a young man who was totally obsessed with Rust, and had trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. Most of his posts express total hatred for the video game and Helk in particular, yet his public Steam account shows he spent a staggering 150 hours just last week, logged onto Rust.”

Seivert has been relocated to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health for treatment and an initial evaluation, and has attracted a fan following of Rust addicts who also harbor hatred for the game’s creator.

“RIP Seivert! You’ve gone deeper than any Rust player in history and are truly a God among men. FINALLY we will get the game WE want, without all the FUCKING AUTOTURRETS,” posted {MEGACHAD} ToxicFred, on r/playrust, a meeting ground for obsessed and disgruntled gamers.

CEO and founder of Facepunch Studios, Garry Newman, told reporters, “This is truly a tragic loss for gaming and for our team, but we will move forward with Rust and try to finish out Helk’s vision as best as we possibly can.”

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