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Moralfag Anonymous decidedly fucked

Hubris to release revealing personal documents pertaining to members of Anonymous who he believes lost the way.

hubrisTHE INTERNET–Hubris is taking the power back. The new Anonymous are a collective, sure, he said. A collective of “moralfags” – a name anonymous dare not apply to us lest it be applied to themselves.

We challenged the most recent bastardization of Anonymous to stand behind their big talk and actually hit hard targets like the revolutionaries they claim to be – picture 100,000 Che Guevaras sitting behind firewalled PCs wearing Guy Fawkes masks clicking off the gate security buttons at the Mubarak compound.

After comparing themselves to the protesters in the streets of Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, they could only hit a few websites and that of Westboro Baptist Church by downloading the same picture over and over again. Shameful, but that’s what the world can expect from script kiddies whose sole source of determination lies at the bottom of a freshly consumed Mountain Dew: Code Red.

Funny thing is, I was only trying to help “Anonymous,” whoever they may be, by asserting the possibility – no, the fact – that Anonymous is infiltrated, influenced and even operated by the United States Government. Since the 1960s, the FBI has been doing this with groups like the Black Panthers and even environmental activist groups, but especially groups for social change; what makes Anonymous think they’re some kind of special impenetrable force of good? The fact they are such nerd-raging moralfags, that’s what.

So in an effort to defend the integrity of their bullshit do-nothing collective, they inadvertently defended the United States Government by “attacking” me for pointing out what is obvious to everyone: that anyone can go anonymous, even federal agents, even chronicle.SU. Even Hubris, who took it a step further by proving that ‘Yes you can be fooled by the very social engineering techniques the better parts of your group employ.’

Reactionary script kiddies who are just thirsty enough to point the LOIC at something are hardly a force to be reckoned with. The only power they’ve gained yet stems from that handed down by the 24-hour fearmongering news cycle, always following some shithead stunt pulled off under the guise of “hacktivism” – a term so full of shit they had to combine two words to keep it from spilling out into paragraphs of contradictory mayhem.

To fully illustrate the connection between their limited but exaggerated power, and the swirling news cycle of fear from which their true – and only – power comes, I’ll proceed to explain how it works with the following anecdote:

Three easy steps into the Internet hate zone

  1. We pissed off the fake news source of the fake arm of Anonymous we love attacking
  2. Their reader-base – consisting of “white knight” Anonymous coattail-riders – reacted, by gathering “dox” on me, the results of which were then posted as a comment on a story. [One achieves dox by way of Google searches; between two and four search submissions return a name and hopefully an address or phone number; this is no different than the kind of footwork journalists or federal investigators conduct on a daily basis.]
  3. Thanks in part to fearmongering on behalf of nightly television news – and redneck neighbors’ concerns I’d gotten their kids into what they called “hacker shit” – my aunt and uncle refused to believe that the people we pissed off are not actual hackers, but just the kind of wormy shit-for-brains kids who frequent and jerk off to hentai with their LOIC pointed at Westboro Baptist’s website. My family was absolutely certain I’d pissed off one of those as-seen-on-TV “international hacker groups,” and asked me to leave before their personal computers “get hacked” and they lose their jobs. So I moved. No shit.

Failing physical threats of rape and murder, which came later, that’s literally the worst they can do.

[Editor’s note: in case you’re wondering, I’m fine. I missed a few days of work during the move, but I now live on one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Things actually got better for me after government agents threatened my life and my family. Springtime here smells sweeter than many women I’ve known. I watch clouds kiss the landscape with my coffee.]

Anonfags think they were doing something good by providing others with the means to bring harm against me and my family, because they saw me as the enemy after I threatened the integrity of the fake news source of the fake arm of Anonymous, effectively calling out their embarrassing superficiality. They really fed me right back to the government, because they liked the lies that they heard better than the truth I was offering.

Just like FOX News viewers, they collectively believed and repeated enough of what spilled out of that fake news source until they became ever-higher and mightier caricatures of themselves. And now this is happening.

24 replies on “Moralfag Anonymous decidedly fucked”

Anonymous’ name is tainted. Lose it. Drop the 4chan lingo, and do something.

Half of you only have an opinion because you want to be a part of a group. It’s just a name. Not even a good one at that. Start by researching what you’re fighting for, and against, before allying yourselves.


Seriously, dude, stfu. You are only proving yourself to be the moron the rest of us know you are.

A demonstration guided by violence can only lead to repeats
of Libya. In a world full of turmoil and unrest, many
voices are screaming in silence to be heard. These voices
may be confused or they may simply want their input and
opinions heard. Dance is a universal language and through
dance we can find that voice that we are looking for. A
revolution without dance is a revolution not worth having!
Let us all use our own voices to create our own dances or chants around
the world at one time. Through such an action we can truly
unite together, while maintaining ourselves. This is a
message to everybody around the world that on May 14th 2011,
we will all go out into public in mass, and when the clock
reads 5:00pm on that day, wherever you are, put on your Guy
Fawkes masks and Dance or Protest in the sight of all. This dance/protest
will be a worldwide flash mob dance/group. This means that it
will occur time zone by time zone as a wave across the
planet. It can be pre-choreographed with a group or simply
just made up on the spot. What is important is that YOU use
your own voices to create such a dance or protest using all of your own
opinions and ideas. This dance or protest is for each and every person
that desires to be heard no matter what your opinions are.
Stand up for what you believe in and let us all take part in
a demonstration that follows a path of peace rather than a
path that will lead us into unnecessary conflict because you
must always remember, no matter how much you disagree with
another, we are still all part of one family known as the
human race and they are still your brothers and sisters
regardless of age, sex, class, skin color, religion or
political values or any other category we have created to
divide us. Let us show that we are a family of unity and
global understanding and together we can make a statement
that cannot be silenced no matter how much money or influence
anybody has!

Does it matter if members of the FBI is part of Anonymous? We’re a group that anyone can join. All sorts of people. It’s not like they can lead us or anything- a group with no structure like ours cannot be influenced by the government. All it can do is help us. Anonymous cannot be beaten or corrupted, and all attempts to stop us will fail.

And not all of us are internet geeks, as shown by the masses of protestors- they would not be out there if not for ideology and the courage to stand up to what they believe in.

Anonymous is not an organisation with one personality- it is composed of cells, each with their own motivations and goals. By all means, criticise the actions of individuals, but please do not criticise others in the organisation who have done nothing wrong.

No group,body,unit,army,gang,mob,government,cult or hactivist group is leaderless. Someone is always pulling the strings or else all attacks,plots and schemes would be without direction and without success. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist. Being told and believing your leaderless is just as blind as American’s thinking their free. If you can’t help but sleep peel off your eye lids.

A gentleman with a personal grievance is ranting that Anonymous is nothing but a creation of Fox News fearmongering. Anonymous has empowered millions of people all over the globe. Anonymous has caught the imagination of Mainstream Media, MultiNational Business, Political Leaders and activist’s young and old. Anonymous has provided inspiration. Anonymous has evolved. Anonymous will continue to evolve and keep the fire of change in the hearts of The World. As my Facebook Timeline says ” Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing”…Anonymous is helping bring about positive change. That to me, as a 57 year old Anon, says it all.

2011 CALLED & SAID I c feds AND fgts EVERYWHERE.
And y’@ll is back in Tennessee … just like in 2011. Time for you to pop a lung. Hey history alwwys repeats it’s self. Groundhog Daze.

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