Nationwide Advertising “written by computer”

INTERNET — Nationwide’s latest crazed marketing campaign is based on a software reconstruction and a “quantum leap” in what’s called generative propaganda creation, which has not been possible until now because of the monstrous bulk of data it must collect.

[pullquote]”When corporations are people, you’re a child.” ~ Neil Young [/pullquote]Instead of using traditional focus group techniques, Nationwide’s top-tier advertising draws from the Big Data of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and various Private Intelligence contractors who harvest data in ongoing botnets built into every computer on earth, with the exception of certain revolutionary cryptosystems pioneered by Richard Stallman.

Nationwide’s post-propaganda commercials inspire a pernicious hypnotism over the largest swathes of the population, muting out a flat unemotional cord that is consistently paedo-sadist. Nationwide has not perfected a mirror revealing the truth of humanity, it is rendering the advertiser’s mission of mind rape more clearly than ever.

I do not block out or turn off all ads because I feel a duty to understand and undo their programming for my fellow humans. If you listen to Alex Jones you are being programmed in the most insidious way, because it is a blue pill with a red pill coating. But they always are. That is the history, the reality, and the whole truth of all mankind: blue pills with red pill coatings, but why take pills when weed cures cancer? So There ya go. But this, this really happened: I noticed the Verizon building that is only two blocks from my house — for the very first time in at least five years. It was freezing out, but I swear there were heat waves comin’ off of it. Probably, telecoms were the first to grasp hold of this incredible source, sitting at the terminals of data, suckin on its incredible mindcontrol pool and they’re ahead of the game. Five years, they’d occupied that “blindspot” in my perception. That indiscriminate boxy Verizon building was sloppin’ up spacetime and tryin’ to hide it, but I saw it. And I can tell you, I’m a believer hell is here on earth and that was a little glimpse.

Even as I write this, I’m bogged down with computer glitches and they make the words shift under me as I type them out.

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Alex Jones, Vic Livingston, David Icke, and Russell Brand walk into a bar … the reptilian bartender says what can I get you slaves, I mean humans.

Really no April fools article, so disappointed. Anyways I once was bit by a monkey the weekend Elvis died.

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