NaziGods hacking group tackle the NFL

INTERNET–Citing the NFL’s penchant for internet censorship, the hacking NaziGods temporarily shut down Sunday, as fans prepare to celebrate Super Bowl XLVII. The NFL hack is part of a spree claimed by the NaziGods’ Twitter account. was also hit and the group claims to have commandeered over 173 Twitter accounts. This weekend, Twitter admitted to a security breach which compromised 250,000 accounts.

NaziGods ruined the American Dream.

Seemingly stealing the thunder from Aaron Bale’s #OpLastResort, which promised to unleash explosive contents of so-called “Whistelblowing Warheads” also on Sunday, the NaziGods have disturbed the sacrosanct American tradition of eating total trash food and sitting in front of a television simply to enjoy the newest round of mind-altering advertisements.

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