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New “Chemsheet” phenomenon coats skies

New laterally dispersed Chemsheets are equivalent to nearly 100 chemtrails and deployed by a single passenger jet.
New laterally dispersed Chemsheets are equivalent to nearly 100 chemtrails and deployed by a single passenger jet.

INTERNET — Reports of laterally dispersed Chemsheets which appear as a jet liner passes over are reportedly part of a secret crash program by meteorologists at DARPA.

These chemsheets are equivalent to nearly 100 chemtrails deployed by a single passenger jet, and there is now some controversy in the chemtrail science community. They can be broken up into two schools: the Apocalyptics and the Beneficents. Some Chemtrail scientists have seen the chemtrails as an effort in “homeopathic” style drugging and or poisoning of civilians — at times sure that one day, as depicted in the Denver Airport murals, global elites will apply the final lethal dose and rid the world of its overpopulation.

Beneficents believe this theory of the Apocalyptics laughable, because they see the ruling class as smart enough to keep their useful slaves around. Rather than stopping global warming abruptly and with such drastic means, they believe the ruling class, specifically American and West European, are trying to turn climate change in the advantage of Western interests, at the expense of Chinese and Asian ecologies. Each year, targeted seeding in the Atlantic stirs up hurricanes purposefully aimed for the East Coast in order to blow all the pollution from America in a convection current towards Asia. This is why the Beneficents believe deserts are spreading in Africa and all the smog in the world has descended upon mainland China.

With the sharp rise of chemsheets over urban populations, Beneficents can no longer fall upon the argument that chemtrails are too homeopathic to be poisonous or effect the nervous system. Apocalyptic chemtrail scientists have proven beyond a doubt that were the chemsheets composed of Polonium 210 or other poisons, entire city populations could be wiped out with a single attack.

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Today I documented with my phone I hardly know how to use video 8:00am-2:pm out of space but they started well before dawn as stealthy as ever and filled and diamond end and laid it on thick both break away (dossapearing) fog and the kind that begin to end can still be seen dispercing,forming.morning to sunset created their shit for me to breath made cloudy day all day SparksNv.instead of nice blue sky

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