"Practical Prepper" Achieves Full "Off The Grid" Status!

Practical Prepper runs homestead diesel generator on woodgas crossfed from his Ford truck.
Practical Prepper runs homestead diesel generator on woodgas crossfed from his Ford truck.

INTERNET — Engineer775 of the “Practical Prepper” youtube channel achieved Full “Off The Grid” status Sunday when he connected his homestead to a diesel generator cross-rigged into the woodgasificator on the back of his fully functioning wood-powered 1968 Ford truck.

“I know this looks like a crazy scene, but I got the truck runnin’ on wood, then I drove it over here, on wood. Hooked up the generator, got that runnin. Got that little meter here so I can tell what it’s doin’. And it’s still pretty good,” engineer775 said, as he tested woodgas to power his diesel generator for the first time. “The homestead’s off the grid, running on wood,” he declared.

Secretly acclaimed Wudao prophet Alrart, of Christchurch New Zealand, built a spacetime bus he called the “Tardus” with a similar power supply, an innovation which gave him full reign over any time and place in geological history with vegetable matter or liquid hydrocarbons present on the surface. Using copper rings arranged in resonancee with the earth’s torsion-field, Alrart is able to slip through time with the meager torsion field generated with his woodgas powered 1972 25 Kilowatt Onan 30 EK generator. Because of an effect called torsion fracturing, Alrart now exists in a universe which makes his return to this one forever impossible.

Torsion science, a secret tradition of the Wudao, successfully found the “unified field theory” at the beginning of the 20th century, after refuting the idea of a field. Instead, there is only torsion in an ever-self-contorting geometric object that on the very large scale resembles a point with no dimensions whatsoever. Wudao scientists believe that spacetime is actually shrinking, and it only appears to expand because of spacetime reversions (vacuum).

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