President Trump: “Hillary Server” was used to hide communications with Epstein

Donald Trump tried to get Epstein off the hook in exchange for help in evading the Mueller Report

INTERNET — In an exclusive tip, Internet Chronicle reporters learned that the Anonymous whistleblower at the heart of the President Trump’s latest scandal is none other than “QAnonymous,” an intelligence agent with the highest levels of security clearance. The Anonymous tipster, who claimed to be a personal friend of ‘Q’, also told Internet Chronicle reporters an explosive detail: Trump has referred to the now infamous national security computer system as his “Hillary Server,” and used it to hide hundreds of documents from the public. Included on Trump’s “Hillary Server” are several lurid phone call transcripts between the President and Jeffrey Epstein.

Before evidence against Epstein’s pedophile ring reached the general public — thanks to the diligent efforts of ‘Q’ and his online army of supporters, President Trump was meeting in secret with Epstein and his personal lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, discussing an arrangement by which Trump could pull strings to get the billionaire pedophile a “sweetheart deal” in exchange for help dodging the Mueller Investigation. At that time, even ‘Q’ wasn’t aware of Trump’s “Hillary Server,” and dismissed connections between Epstein and Trump like most intelligent people. However, after ‘Q’ gained knowledge of and access to the “Hillary Server,” a crisis of conscience caused him to file the whistleblower complaint.

Using a voice-changer to hide his identity, Q’s personal friend told Internet Chronicle, “Now I know as well as anyone that there’s no comms outside the boards, but ‘Q’ said this was The Storm. And I mean that, The Storm. I am not talking for him, and you’ll hopefully hear more from him on this soon, but this was just too important, too earth-shaking for me to keep to myself. ‘Q’ was practically doxed by the New York Times, and I fear for his life. I can assure you, The Storm is Here. Right Now. This is IT!

Adding to the explosive claims, the tipster said, “It took three years for the elite globalist pedophile cabal to compromise Trump, but it looks like they finally got to him. Saw something on the Hillary Server about a deepfake piss tape, they held his ass over a barrel and had no choice. As for me and ‘Q’ you don’t have to worry. Give me Liberty or give me Death!”

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