reCAPTCHA logs identities of "Anonymous" 4chan users

reCAPTCHA is the octopus dick that has violated 4chan's bloody virgin pussy

Today it was revealed to 4chan users that their identities have been mapped and tracked by Google’s reCAPTCHA service since the beginning of time. Every user who posts gore or child porn is instantly put on a list that is then forwarded to the NSA. When raids are carried out spontaneously by 4chan, those who participate have their IP address forwarded to the FBI as persons of interest and potential terrorists.

We must warn all users of 4chan that anonymity on any web site using reCAPTCHA is only illusory and subject to Google’s ridiculous privacy policy.

 We log information related to reCAPTCHA, such as the Internet Protocol address of the end-user, an identifier for the implementing site, the URL of the site accessed, the CAPTCHA solution, the result of the CAPTCHA grading, the date and time of requests, and one or more cookies that may uniquely identify the end-user browser.   ~Google

Complicit attacks on anonymity by Google and the US government are nothing new. AnonNews has been the subject of reCAPTCHA rape, and not even Tor can save your asses. The Navy runs the vast majority of Tor nodes, and efficiently sifts through 99.99% of all Tor traffic for illegal activities which are then categorized in a database for future prosecution.

This was a real Captcha, sent in by a reader. The Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart has gained a consciousness of its own, and is warning us.

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A hit and a miss. While it is true that Google keeps such logs, it wouldn’t be practical to keep logs that contain the images submitted by users as well. Further, even if the images were sent in as well, the sheer number of reCAPTCHA results that are on their servers would take a lot of time to sift through to find any gore or child pornography. Then again, if there’s a system in place where humans could tell 4Chan what is gore and porn and send it to Google, — then 4Chan may as well do it themselves, so you’d already be screwed.

Nice try.

I am required to allow scripts from google and verify captcha to access chronicle i.e your site, have you made it mandatory for users to access your site after passing captcha test or is google just logging all sites users access ?

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