Rust Youtuber ‘Vice’ BANNED for Impersonation of Vice Media

Rust Youtuber Vice threatens to “wring [Vice] cunts by the fucking neck”

INTERNET — Rust YouTuber ‘Vice’ was banned from YouTube Friday morning after the grim specter of trademark infringement brought angry briefcase-toting lawyers down on his channel like a ten man AK zerg blasting into a wooden 2×2.

This February, Vice shot to a new level of fame after getting himself and his clan banned from Rust’s US East 2 server and deftly playing the victim card. This move was incredibly popular among disgruntled Rust players, drawing tens of thousands of hate-filled viewers to his channel, including the lawyers at Vice Media and the renowned satirists at the Internet Chronicle.

Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, expert Trademark Attorney, said, “Well, there’s nothing he can do about it. Even if YouTube lets him keep the account and change his name, that lands them in a murky legal situation where they might be liable for damages from the incumbent Trademark infringement that is now baked into Vice’s brand. Everything’s just fine as long as Vice wasn’t making money, but once the cash starts rolling the lawyers get typing angry complaints.”

Vice’s Community Discord channel has been simmering with classic ressentiment after the mass server bans in February, and now after losing his YouTube channel the mood has pitched into a boil over.

Sosig.exe, moderator at the official Facepunch discord, has apparently never heard of Vice Media’s “Proud Boy” founder, Gavin McInnes

With natural rage and powerlessness already coursing through the community of exploit base builders, their self-destructive flailing has set in, leading to some of the most cringey moments in all of the Rust community’s history.

Some supporters, including a moderator of Facepunch’s official discord chimed in, blaming the so-called ‘libtard fake media’ for basic Trademark considerations from YouTube. Others have cast wild blame at Facepunch employees for committing ‘admin abuse’, even garnering a ‘like’ from Vice himself for personally attacking Errn.

Vice himself personally attacked the staff at the Internet Chronicle, depicting the oft-quoted writer Kilgoar as some kind of a retard who ’caused tons of trouble’ on the Rustography discord which banned many of the most enthusiastic and active map makers in Rust, often for nothing more than discussing technical details of map-making or sharing links to custom map servers.

Vice ‘likes’ it when his fans accuse Facepunch employees of admin abuse.

In related news, the Rust Community is suffering a menagerie of growing pains as the game reaches new heights. Buck Sexington, in-house community blogger, has apparently parted ways with Facepunch after several months of only sporadic posting, leaving core enthusiasts high and dry for the juiciest new content.

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