Sue Brasko Unveils Deep Evil on the Internet

Sue Brasko is going to sue the shit out of you and send you straight to prison if you so much as mention her name.
Sue Brasko is going to sue the shit out of you and send you straight to prison if you so much as mention her name.

INTERNET — Internet attorney Sue Brasko is at it yet again, making herself into an obvious punching bag for Anonymous trolls. Years ago, Susan Brasko’s religion, Scientology, was attacked by Anonymous, causing many of her best friends to leave the church only to be declared Suppressive Persons — Susan Brakso was forbidden to speak with her friends.

However, there were others like her all over the internet. Scientologists like Susan, terrified of the new powers gained by Anonymous, gathered in secret chat rooms much like the ones used by Anonymous. Susan and her new friends plotted different ways to thin the ranks of Anonymous, but the obvious first move was infiltration.

“Anonforecast” rose to prominence within many propaganda operations of Anonymous and pushed especially violent, negative imagery, often referring to hacked documents as “warheads.” Forecast, as he is also known, was later raided by police who confiscated his smart phone, a necessary medical “orthotic” prescribed to him after he suffered a traumatic brain injury. This raid was purportedly a response to Forecast’s involvement in the operation to bring vigilante justice and attention to rapist jocks in Steubenville, an operation associated by the news media with Deric Lotslucker AKA KYAnonymous. Forecast denies such accusations vehemently and luckily has seen his orthotic returned to him.

Strangely, no one knows for certain whether Forecast was in fact raided, or if he in fact exists. Forecast’s proximity to Susan Brasko and his trajectory in Anonymous suggests he may be yet another Scientologist infiltrator. There is also little proof of Susan Brasko’s existence other than a bizarre phone call received at Lebal Drocer Headquarters in which a twisted, robotic and nearly unintelligible voice terrified our editing staff, claiming to be Susan Brasko.

Saturday, Susan Brasko’s narrow beam of psyop hate fell on the hapless Nachash, former head of DoxBin and current contributor to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Brasko accused Nachash of extortion and intimidation, asking friends on Twitter to find dox in order to file criminal charges. Although Brasko has said these things many times before, no charges or lawsuits have ever been filed following such incidences of mutual internet bullying.

However, these psyops are so effective on Brasko’s part that Internet Radio shows such as Vince in the Bay have banned the mention of Brasko’s name. Even the brave and enduring editorial staff of the Internet Chronicle misspells Brasko’s name because Lebal Drocer legal experts said it would move the Internet Chronicle newsroom outside the radius of any of Brasko’s potential psyops.

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So do you think Sue Basko is just another sock of @render64 (Jesse Woods), I mean tehjesterfag? Non-enquiring minds don’t need to know basis, js.

Nachash – a prim. root; to hiss, whisper magic spell; to prognosticate, divine, enchanter, * enchantment, to learn by experience

My computer yes this that im typing from, of which I share with inlaws, family, and friends is constantly being hacked into. As soon as we’re on the hacking criminal join in straight away with us. Luckily for my relatives they do not use the internet for banking, but the annoying hacker has already gotten hold of my details and me and fam are thinking that they, him, or her are using my identity to do malicious things to others just to try and frame me. If I tried to go into my online account he, her, them is in it too and tried multiple times to get extras. We’ve installed a bug on the pc so whenever they joined us we know, because it turned into red light, instead of yellow.

when are the authorities going to take down doxbin. This entity has been caching people confidential information all over the internet. anyway know why they have not been taken down yet

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