That cyberterrorism's gonna destroy America

I don’t get why we gotta be using these damn computers anyway. Especially if some jerkoff kids are gonna be hackin’ into my webcam and watchin’ me all hours of the night.

Orderin’ illegal gun modifications that I HAVE A RIGHT TO from the 2nd amendment is great, but what good does it do ME when they just gonna hack all my paypal money anyway. God damn!

Every time I get that “host migration” in calla duty, I swear, it’s them damn hackers. Ever since they roont PSN for a whole month, hackas be damned! I know theyre fuckin with erything they can. Any of them yeller bastards want to come up down this holler I got my guns ready and loaded, safety ALWAYS off. Don’t none of them have the balls to come try to unplug my playstation ‘cept hidin in some damn bASEMENT.

Next thing you know they gonna hack into that damn muslim presidents cell phone, and by god if he don’t deserve it. Thing is, they gonna hack up a message to the god damned world that makes us look like fools, way worse than that pale little Julien Ass-anj and his Wikaleaks. Soon as they hack that, anyways, things gonna come tumblin down.

Damn good thing I’m a country boy.

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I’m with Newt Gingrich on this one. That low down dirty information terrorist Julian Assange is a threat to our freedoms.

They is some things that ought to be illegal to know.


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