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The Justiciar Knights: Europe's Tea Party

Anders Behring Breivik’s violent attack on Oslo has founded a new conservative political group known as the Justiciar Knights. The Justiciar Knights use whatever means necessary to preserve the cultural integrity of Europe. Like the Tea Party, Christian cultural dominance is the ultimate goal.[pullquote]”The Muslims showed us that deadly shock attacks are the only tool we have at the moment which will guarantee that our voice is heard.” ~ Anders Breivik[/pullquote]

As Tea Party rhetoric stokes fear of Hispanic and Muslim occupation of American territory, leaders like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin subtly promote violent action. Not just violent action against Hispanics and Muslims, but violent action against Liberals who promote multicultural messages.

Anders Breivik perfectly encapsulated the Tea Party message in his now-famous 1500 page diatribe, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence.

“Any individual or organisation that actively supports or are participating … in the Islamisation of Europe are flagged as valid targets … By propagating and defending Christendom we simply mean that we want to … reverse the de-Christianisation of Europe.”

Clever leaders within the Tea Party have attempted to spin this story as a lesson about gun control. Had the summer camp victims not been such wimpy unarmed liberals, they would have successfully defended themselves. However, this is only a distraction from the underlying motive behind the attack. Had the campers not been such Islam-enabling multiculturalists, Breivik would have never targeted them. Surely the Tea Party is wetting itself in excitement at having spilled over into Europe.

Tea Party leaders also want to classify Breivik as a religious fundamentalist Christian of the same stripe as Osama Bin Laden. However, this is a very poor characterization of Breivik. Breivik only wished to defend Europe from the perceived threat of Islamic genocide. “We … are a defensive military organisation who only seek to protect the peoples of Europe and our cultures from genocide.” This is exactly the theme that the Tea Party’s anti-immigration rallies are based on.

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