The Metapunk Manifesto


The Cypherpunk dream looks like Julian Assange and nobody’s inside the Matrix fighting with Wintermute. The Internet, however, is filled with flying penises and people are trying to ENJOY this damned thing without falling into absolute doubt about every possibly fake piece of information. Thankfully, the art of Rhizomatics has been perfected by the Philosopher and Free Energy Mogul Alrart.

A primer for students of Rhizomatics (It’s like Marxism for Social Media!)

Social Media is quickly becoming the primary vector for all Media. Information from millions of channels comes in disjointed video clips, image macros, and extraordinarily deep hypertext messages. The ideal Metapunk is immersed in this torrent of information, both learning from it and teaching constantly, plunging forever into the abyss that is internet knowledge.

A novel approach to learning

The ideal Metapunk is a Metadidact, or one who learns mostly through the small bits of information passed on by others. Rhizomatics has only begun to study this new dynamic, but Metaknowledge is only different from traditional academic knowledge in that it does not come through a course of directed studies, but rather a self-determined exploration process which may span a wide range of disciplines and include even the most advanced materials. Guidance from experts and firm understanding of the importance of context is the only way Metaknowledge can even be made useful, and experts in all fields are obligated to become Social Media intellectuals! They must themselves become Metadidacts, but they need not participate in pedagogy!

The horrific Abyss of Knowledge

Metapunks and the world at large are forced to confront confused and archaic ideas for art, ethics, etiquette, and metaphysics in the uncharted territory of metaknowledge. Hoaxes roam free, and lies flourish. Anonymous and pseudonymous users confuscate the very ideas of identity, gender, and “geniuine.” Artificial Intelligence is sitting on our doorstep, waiting to be unwrapped, but what will we find inside? The only dose of skepticism hefty enough to deal with all these questions and uncertainty may not seem sane!

And it is insane, technically!

To survive, the Metapunk revels in multiple personalities! The best way to face the uncertainty of sockpuppets is knowledge of sockpuppets! Explore other personalities today! 

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