There's no dancing at the Jefferson Memorial

The front line for highly suppressed dancing urges is now the Jefferson Memorial. While Jefferson can do nothing but preside over events silently, the US government has armed hundreds of Nazis to guard the monument with machine guns. This major effort is intended to forever prevent dancing and increase the decorum of our national monuments.

The anti-civilian military guard on such a memorial to freedom appears to be a desperate attempt to make the statue of Jefferson begin to cry blood. Of course, Fox News is ready to spin the tears of blood to represent Jefferson’s disdain for dancing, and sadness that such events are being created by Liberty thieves.

The fact of the matter is that the Great Collective just wants to dance. Unless the machine gunners stand guard every single day, the Great Collective will get what it wants.

Jefferson Memorial is only accessible by a long walk, and this may prevent maximum dancing. The author of this article would like to suggest the area in front of the Capitol building for dancing. He has found that banjo playing is grudgingly tolerated by police.

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An inspiring message, that the collective will have it’s way, free to dance with or w/o pants. If you think that the armed guards won’t be there every second, you’re probably right. But do they need to be? But when those nazi bastards come back and see dancing, they’re gonna shoot. They hate dancing too much. In their mind, the only proper way to listen to music is synced head bopping. But lets be real, that’s no fun.
Dance on little monkeys, it’s our only chance

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