VICE: My Time in China's Cancer Villages

Vice Visits a Cancer Village in China
Vice Visits a Cancer Village in China

VICE NEWS — We went into the heart of China’s Cancer Villages and shoved cameras into the pained faces of villages of people living out slow deaths, and we even brought Shoenice along to eat some of the tainted street food outside the lead foundry. But that was just the twenty minutes we showed you in our insipid exploitative voyeuristic documentary, an unjust fraction of the pestilence we saw. I spent one night in the Cancer Village and have since developed an acute brain tumor that will kill me. I am incredibly ashamed I didn’t identify the people I interacted with there as true human beings, actual living entities with as many layered meanings to their lives as my own. I can’t stop thinking of the bum I filmed, sleeping in the streets of Chernobyl. Now I am him.

I burned the documentary of my own story and the camera that I filmed it on because I don’t want people to see me like that, as if peering in at me through a keyhole. I felt even worse for those I’d exploited for the sake of profits and yuks, and I thought of following Ayn Rand’s philosophy and burning down Vice News. Instead, I’ve decided to write for Chronicle.SU, and have leveraged a good plan through Obamacare to pay for LSD and Heroin as I document my death.

Cancer’s a bummer, but a whole village of people with cancer is as quiet as death. I felt like I’d stepped into purgatory or hell, a kind of slow hell that God had forgotten, and I was an Atheist. Now I know better, thanks to my friends at I know soul and matter to be fused. Nothing’s just a feeling, or everything is, but none of that last gasp of metaphysical nonsense can transfer to you the change The Cancer Village gave to me. I thought of Vice as some kind of activism or beneficent reportage operation, but now I think it’s worse than celebrity tabloids because it goes after people who don’t want attention.

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Seriously. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
You think it’s OK to stop another person from living?
You there, pressing the buttons that send the bombs. How do you sleep at night?
Or you, giving the orders. You are deciding that another beautiful life deserves to be ended. What the fuck?
And you fuckheads giving them money! Stop! Are you that detached from reality that you don’t care?
Do you have any idea of the amazing things we could do if we just stopped fucking bombing each other?
Maybe we could feed everyone.
Maybe we could give everyone the resources to live comfortably.
Maybe we could leave our pale blue dot and escape the inevitable death of our sun.
I doubt it though.
We’ll probably be extinct within a few centuries.
And that’s probably a good thing, considering how big of a dick we collectively are.

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