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Sean Hannity Denounces Israeli Assault on Gaza

Sean Hannity interviewed the IDF, who took him into a Palestinian smuggler's tunnel
Sean Hannity interviewed the IDF, who took him into a Palestinian smuggler’s tunnel

INTERNET — After interviewing conscripts for the Israeli Defense Forces and visiting a Palestinian smuggler’s tunnel, Sean Hannity reversed his long-standing support for Israel. With tears and a distant look in his eyes, Hannity told viewers, “These tunnels are well constructed and clean, nothing like the mud holes I expected. I realized that for a sophisticated system like this, there must be a terrible, constant, collective hunger and isolation somewhere on the other hellish side. I thought of walking all the way through, even though the tunnel was collapsed. I remembered what Christ said about the meek and I re-evaluated my entire philosophy — every day I stand up and defend the strong, the powerful, the rich and the safe, but from now on I will be a defender of the weak in the example of Christ. I have always spoke from my heart, and not just to appeal to the folks at home. I know this may not be a popular point of view, but God bless those Palestinian children.”

As the Israeli genocide in ghetto Gaza reaches new levels of inhumanity, it seems even the most staunch supporters of Israel are backing down. Hannity’s shocking reversal has all the hallmarks of a religious conversion, but some see the move as calculated. Palestinian blogger Farid Arafat said, pointedly, “It is wonderful, the things he said, but I suspect his viewers to have changed his mind for him.”

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Shot this weird piece of propaganda with you in
mind. I will post the original and also how I think it should be re cropped. Just cropped this tight so you could see her face. It was totally random. I found her sitting across from Israel embassy (on my way home from shopping), in front the museum. [img][/img]

Still trying to decide if this is just really bad performance art or she is just trolling the shit out of passerbyes. Yes I have thought of eventually countertrollin’ her by chalking a star of David next to her. Hey free public space and all that …[img][/img]

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