Media Blackout on Ebola outbreak in US continues

American Ebola patient is seen in plastic Fema camp coffin.
American Ebola patient is seen in plastic Fema camp coffin.

INTERNET — Ebola deaths are mounting across the United States as blood vessels hemorrhage and corpses bloat and turn purple. After President Obama ordered Ebola patients brought into the US, Snowden reports Obama signed a secret executive order rubber stamped by FISA courts to issue a media blackout preventing any reporting on the spread of the disease in the homeland. Untold thousands are already dead, but we’re reporting FEMA military forces descend on the victims and seal them in plastic coffins while they’re still alive.

Some analysts, like Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, believe these bodies are being collected while alive for a final crop dusting of the human population, “It takes only ten thousand bloated Ebola corpses, liquefied and sprayed in the atmosphere, to kill off 90 percent of the world’s population. And that’s what they’ve been gunning for all along. If this Ebola spreads just that far, that will be the end for most humans,” Dr. Troubador warned, adding, “Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians are most susceptible to Ebola and will die off in the greatest numbers, leaving whites in command of the entire planet. This is a culture war.”

We reached Homeland security and spoke to them about the Ebola outbreak coverup in the US. Spokesperson Jeremy Scarhill nodded slowly and half-smiled, saying, “No comment.”

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