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Vladimir Putin says Russia will have low-cost Fusion reactors by 2021

As it turns out, Putin's sophisticated gambit into Ukraine may soon be backed by something much more powerful than nuclear weapons.
Putin’s sophisticated gambit into Ukraine may soon be backed by something much more powerful than nuclear weapons.

MOSCOW — At the G20 meeting Friday evening, Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin announced a huge leap in technology that will provide clean, low cost fusion energy without the use of any fossil fuels whatsoever. Putin addressed the world summit, saying, “The Russian state is fully backing the mass production of fusion reactors, having successfully tested several generations of prototypes. We will be shipping a production model to our allies in China starting in 2021 for a low, low price, although this peaceful technology is too dangerous to hand over to the aggressive NATO coalition.

Some who saw Putin’s fierce moves into Ukraine as irrational or hamhanded have had to reset their assumptions about what Russia’s military may soon be capable of in light of the announcement technology that seems to far surpass anything possessed by the United States or other advanced nations. Expert geotechnologist, Dr. Angstrom H. Troubador, told reporters, “The circle is complete. The United States will continue its inevitable fall to the status of second world and possibly even third world, while the glorious ascendant Soviet Eurasian Union moves forward with technology that will complete the colonization of the solar system. We always knew communism was the right choice, for the long run.”

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The falling down of Putin – is a logical end of bad mismanagement of the country. For 15 years Putin, ignoring the economic problems and democratic institutions, has developed the vertical of power, putting on the key State posts his relatives and friends, providing for yourself a life term of being in power. Putin has always strived for only one goal – to strengthen his own power and influence. He destroyed the free elections in the country, appointed for all public offices of his people, to suppress any pro-democracy protests and demonstrations, forged elections at all levels. In international politics, he neglected issues of democracy, economy, social policy, honest cooperation with neighboring countries, he unleashed two wars – in Georgia and Ukraine (not taking into account the wars in Chechnya and Dagestan), has destroyed his own family and now he destroys the state. Putin destroyed any manifestation of democracy in his country and abroad, supporting all murderous totalitarian regimes all over the world. He wanted to be a global supplier of oil and gas, to have power all over the world.

During the Putin’s regime the theft of officials and friends of Putin reached mammoth proportions, whereas the social benefits and pensions amounted to $ 150 per month Falling of Putin – is the logical end of bad mismanagement of the country and unwillingness to address the issues of international politics by peacefull ways.

We know that there are differing Opinions on Economics, and even though I am a novice on Economics, I do have my opinions.

I think that Globalization has been proven to be a Failure, and even more so because of Anglo-America putting sanctions on Countries who are Innocent to begin with like Russia.

This is why I think the Economic Policy of Every Country with regards to Commerce and Trade should be as Much as Possible Local First, State or Province Second, National Third, Regional Fourth, and International Fifth, and I think that All Countries need to draw up Plans for this possibility, rather than say that it cannot happen, because that was said of the Soviet Union, and of the Eastward expansion of NATO.

We now have the Preposterous suggestion that a United Nations Security Council Resolution is needed for a Plane crash, because Anglo-America or their Puppets will plant False evidence, and they Will Lie and Cheat and Bribe and Blackmail and Intimidate as they Always do.

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