What is the Chronicle.SU?

The is what would happen if websites could have babies. It is what would happen if the Huffington Post had a four way around the world with, and but we don’t know who the parents are.

We’re integrating like a motherfucker baby.

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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That’s being awfully kind.
My interpretation of the chronicle is a bit more realistic:

The chronicle is what happens when children, usually around the age of 5, figure out they are no good at athletics, and decide from then on to pursue education and information.
They do so, however, with the same intentions as the athletes that pursue muscles, to appear better than the rest for their chance at sexual intercourse with a female.

Now these children are all grown up and indeed quite intelligent. They’ve started their own webpage where they’re free to interpret events, politics, or anything lame that may be happening on the web, and they post their views for all the internet to see, although only few actually do. Don’t buy in so quickly though. They use their intelligence to fool, nay, prey upon feeble minded individuals.

Years of being smaller than other boys and being teased and rejected by attractive females has rendered these now men callus and cynical. They are now no more than mind vampires, trolling the www for ignorant blood to quench their undying thirst for superiority.

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
the chronicle reigns,
over me and you.


This place is a digital black hole of insanity, satire and drugs. It’s homely and comfy, like your second cousin.

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