Why hasn't Edward Snowden said anything about 9/11?

Edward Snowden hasn't revealed anything at all about 9/11 inside job
Edward Snowden hasn’t revealed anything at all about 9/11 inside job

INTERNET — It’s been said time and time again that 9/11 inside job is the grandaddy of all conspiracy theories, although that term’s marginal flavor hardly applies when the majority of the world believes in it. If one is to assume that an all-powerful cabal is influencing major trends and beliefs across the globe, then it follows that the predominant 9/11 inside job narratives were a result of subtle manipulations of elite propagandists. Are they the Illuminati? Are they contracted out by the G7, Bohemian Grove, Koch Brothers (who control Alex Jones), or Bilderburgers? Most analysts agree it was likely the Koch Brothers or Bilderburgers who wanted to drive anti-government sentiments in order to cut corporate taxes because Alex Jones, their shill, visibly and actively promoted the inside job story in the earliest days. However, Stealth Propaganda, the atomic bomb of information warfare, exists and is responsible for millions of automated bots around the world which appear to be perfectly human facebookers or tweeters yet serve some other’s shadowy purpose. Recent revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and now Ukraine are proof positive that Stealth Propaganda is the most powerful, yet invisible, form of propaganda ever created. There is no way to know which parties are deploying it when, except to connect interests with results, and that can only even then provide guesses.

There are so few answers and these answers only lead to more and more questions. Could it be that Islamic Terrorism is in fact a real thing? Could, in fact, people hate this country from outside enough to want to blow up our precious towers? Why would they hit our businesses hardest, toppling the World Trade Center towers and leaving a much smaller hole in a military — not legislative or even executive — building? Why hasn’t Edward Snowden said anything about 9/11?

Everyone remembers the moments those towers fell, but who remembers the first time they heard the term Ground Zero, or 9/11? Ground Zero was a direct reference to nuclear weapons — weapons which have only been deployed on the Japanese by Americans. 9/11 is a brand name for a line of swag, an entire industry of merchandise, the date on which air travel became a permanently funeral-like experience, and most importantly the numeral encoded into our brains and into our phone system which automatically triggers an immune response from the police. As those towers fell, flags flew off the shelves, patriotism surged to an all-time high, but within a few years most Americans converted to the belief that the attack was a false flag. They had been deceived, and they knew their boys were sent to die for the oil companies and the weapons companies.

It was a win-win for big businesses. Everyone took a ride, most especially the pundits who made money at stoking hate for the government. However, it seems that the military may have shown its hand by hitting itself with a superficial blow while dealing the meaningful blow to the financial sector — which crashed by 2008. The CIA is also known to have strong ties and operatives working inside of Al-Qaeda, and some have even suggested Osama Bin Laden himself was a paid operative, only killed as a part of stagecraft to support Obama’s reelection. Because of the military’s relationship with private contractors and weapons manufacturers, as well as the CIA’s ongoing role in protecting American-owned business interests especially in Central and South America, it can be said that these government entities, on their own, are strongly allied with big business, but not the biggest of business — that is, the finance sector. In fact, those are the very type of banks and financial institutions that were destroyed when the World Trade Center fell. Wall Street, just one block away, was shut down for weeks.

The farther down this rabbit hole one goes, the more questions arise. But the one man who likely knows all the answers, Edward Snowden, has not said a word that could clarify anything. In fact, what he has said about internet surveillance is critical of the NSA, an arm of the government that is now in threat of being taken over by privatized for-profit intelligence contractors, the industry Snowden worked in before working at the NSA. Recent attacks, directed by FBI operative Hector Monsegnur (Sabu), against such private intelligence firms as Stratfor and HBGary show that this conflict between the government and private moneyed interests are anything but imaginary. Snowden, having had free access to the entire internet, must know much more than he is letting on. Many have accepted Snowden as a true hero without criticizing him, so much so that it seems yet another case of propaganda for big businesses. Is he merely a fearmongering crypto-salesman from the tech industry, or does he care about our freedoms and truth? Please Snowden, the people of the world want answers so we can finally write an authoritative history, a truth behind all the madness, propaganda, and robotic stealth shills.

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You missed the obvious. Many of us know we’re being lied to about 9/11/2001 because we’re not stupid. The evidence is on tape. We have video of the event.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries issued me a Users License to set power poles in solid rock with dynamite back in the 1980′s.

I have used dynamite and it does not get hot enough to melt steel. Building 7 could well have been brought down with dynamite, as it appears “conventional”, but with exceptional precision. It would take serious rigging to pull that off.

The twin towers on the other hand definitely was not dynamite. What ever that secret bomb material was, it was hot enough to ionize steel, not just melt it. There is no other way to explain the nuclear appearance and the pyroclastic cloud display. Ground zero has it’s origin as a word from the Atomic Bomb like you pointed out, so it makes sense that “ground zero” gained traction so quickly.

I’m presenting this description as fact from personal experience, and if you would like to question my ‘pedigree’, just talk to my jack hammer hand. I’m a professional with primer cord experience, and you’re not going to snow me with ideas that defy any of the laws of physics! It’s not easy to bust up concrete. No one can fool me about what we can see on film. Not with a collapse theory that fails to use the path of least resistance. That “path of least resistance” would not be the undisturbed steel core under a “jet fuel weak spot”. A theory like that would only have merit if they did not blow every last bit to kingdom come. Twice. Exactly the same way.

The NIST report is nothing less than establishment Koolaide.

Technically, the towers could have been taken down any way imaginable from nanothermite to mininukes loaded into the airplanes. That question can’t be answered and we can’t even totally discount the official story, as unlikely as it is. Terrorist or government plots are not subject to Occam’s razor; they are as elaborate and irrational and full of competing interests as anything else. Same with engineering failures. This point is as old as it is fruitless. How the attack was carried out doesn’t tell by whom or for what purpose, although it can be helpful. The real Establishment Koolaide, simply by virtue of being the most popular narrative, is the false flag story. Who is pushing it? Why? Why are truth-tellers like Snowden so deafeningly silent on this issue?

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Confirmed by Wikileaks: Bowe Bergdahl deserted and tried to contact the Taliban #tcot

I see many people here asking about Snowden and 9/11. We know what happened thanks to Dr Judy Wood, Where Did The Towers Go. Empirical evidence exist proving the towers didnt fall to the ground. There was a hurricane on 9/11 did you know that. Columbia Universities seismic data shows that no 100 story buildings fell. Wtc 7 was turned to dust like the other buildings. 7 buildings people fell. wtc 7 fell 5 hours after. Where did the rubble go ? wake up my friends. WE have enough evidence to start sending people to jail. 9/11 was a psychological operation against the american people. Groups of people are influenced by emotions unlike individuals. the collective of all of us were sent into shock and and our subconsciouses were attacked and nullified. Dr wood proves everything. over 40% of bodies are missing.It was a combination of directed energy weapons folks. Refer to john hutchinson. The toasted cars, presence of helium and tritium, there was no heat folks. the buildings fell in 8 seconds people, a bowling ball takes over 9seconds to fall that distance. The towers turned to dust in mid air , u can see that if you know to look for it. The core spires just turned to dust. The star wars program became haarp. a hurricane doesnt make a 90 degree turn all of a sudden after 4 days dead straight at new york, funny how that high pressure system to the west stalled magically. why were car engines gone yet plastic not damaged? if there was heat why was there paper only, only one file cabinet was left and iit was mutilated to say the least. wonder if this post gets taken down.
here are some links
first Abe Rodriguez youtube channel has all these videos too.
dr wood is a bit quarky but to be expected.
disinfo campaign is ae911 and dr steven jones crew an=mong many others. this is the truthterroist11 on youtube and this pretty much can explain in a basic sense what is going on. wake up peeps, snowden tho a hero is a distraction. they are tryingto push this 9/11 down the road. if they can do it for another 4 years it will become like jfk. time is running out. wake up my fellows, we know what happened. time for a movement to bring those to justice. the war on terror is a fraud just like the war on drugs. the war on drugs is a cover for the dea to spy on the world like all of the bahamas wake the F up my fellow humans. The implications are huge, we could power the world. tesla tech .

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