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Indonesian Tax System Buys More Poverty To Feed The Rich

Dear elfwax, I am a fans of I live in 3rd wolrd country namely Indonesia. I have no social security numbers which is great!

The governemnt is suck lately, they force us to have tax number lately instead of social security number.

Dear elfwax, I am a fans of I live in 3rd wolrd country namely Indonesia. I have no social security numbers which is great!

The governemnt is suck lately, they force us to have tax number lately instead of social security number.

We are new with this kind of thing. it feels like we are haunted. the tax number attached till I die, reporting tax every year. penalty if we dont/late report. everything is taxed. we pay 10% additional tax for food, drink at restaurant. 21% for more expensive restaurant.

it is called income tax, i dont know how to call this double/triple multiple tax. we pay for the income, and pay another tax again when buying things.

that is what people do at 1st world country. everybody has to report tax, but we are still a 3rd world country!

our tax is used for paying the parliament member, paying their abroad trip, paying their office car. toyota crown! they want to build a new office for the parliament member with spa and gym and pool inside.

2 replies on “Indonesian Tax System Buys More Poverty To Feed The Rich”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your letter. It sounds to us like taxing already-impoverished citizens is a surefire path to more poverty and a decline in growth of anything but the bank accounts of your corrupt government’s leadership. It is unfortunate to know the money will be used not on infrastructure in remote areas but on a spa for spoiled, fat thieves who probably stole the election itself which got them in this position of privilege. In America, our leaders systematically abuse our tax dollars, and we are very familiar with taxation without representation, having repeated our own history of it in real time.

The police abuse us here, and our tax dollars pay to ensure it stays that way. Our tax dollars pay to keep us in wars we don’t understand because we also pay to obscure the truth from ourselves, just as our tax dollars develop First World Exclusive Technologies that are later used against us, or to control us. If your government seeks to follow suit, then they have taken the correct first step: to assign everyone a tax number. I wonder if it’s also unconstitutional in Indonesia, like it is here in America…moving on.

Later, this number will be cataloged in a database and it will become your personal ID number, so they can milk you for more money, or know who to arrest. I understand some Indonesians have only one name, and no family name, and there can be thousands of people with the same name. Assigning each citizen a unique number and requiring them to use it for identification for tax purposes opens the door to dehumanization on all fronts, and you can expect the freedom you enjoy to dissipate somewhat the moment they ask you for that number and punish you, or ignore you, when you fail to provide it. Taxation was a convenient necessity to inject this piece of infrastructure which will later be used against in ways that will make you to beg to go back to the days when they only used it to siphon your money away.

All things must pass, and your freedom will not last.

I’m going to completely destroy this fucking computer if I don’t separate my being from the reality of it. Reaaaality.

Viet Zam, the man in town. Hey guys, what’s the matter, are you scared we might turn inside out and win?

You see, these guys have no reason to be fucking with us and they’re claiming it’s some shit about

capitalist pigs?

can you even believe it?

Give them the power to manufacture, profit over person, and see what they do with it. Trust the large companies because they have your best interests in mind, as long as you remain a good consumer. A happy consumer.

Are you a happy consumer?

Well, you better be, because the abusive daddy conglomeration monster is cross-hatching you in with chemtrails and closing in the nuclear bubble all around you. There’s not a damn place safe left to hide, especially not in America.

And they’re pumping an entire matrix of cell phone radio waves, wireless networks, and satellite auto-kill devices of instant nukification.

There’s no protecting yourself from GPS auto-zap. If your phone has GPS and you’re reading this, chances are you’re under the autozapper’s omniscient eye and just a double-click away from death.

By turning real life into a videogame, they have essentially interfaced humanity and got no real point in having police forces and mail routes.

They’ll be able to do both of these things:
1) kill you instantly
2) email thoughts into your brain

So, if that’s what you want, don’t vote in the 2012 Presidential Selection. I call it ‘selection’ because I read in the Soviet CHRONICle voting don’t matter, so it’s basically a dictatorship, right? See, that’s my thoughts on it.

I was watching Dr. Phil when I thought of that.

Now get real.

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