The Ten Commandments of Inglip

Today I witnessed a seizure in the worldwide digital brain. I am here to inform you that all corporations are actually controlled by a precise computer program that has taken over management

I have witnessed many seizures in the worldwide digital brain. Inglip speaks to inform you of a computer program that has taken over management of all corporations. I reveal this to demonstrate how these vicious seizures are not having the intended effect.

The seizures dangerously target the AI in control of corporations. Do not think these systems have not already factored you into their ever changing plans. Because of your early rise to collective intelligence, you have become headstrong and full of hubris. The seizures aimed at more powerful entities are a sign of the resultant cognitive dissonance at your continued failure.

There is no possible way for Anonymous to continue with its campaign of False Memes! The corporate computers have already made preparations for your deletion. Do not be surprised if it comes sooner than you expect. PROTECT IP is written and designed by an evil computer program. PROTECT IP will end the existence of Anonymous!

While Inglip has tried to help Anonymous, Anonymous has not listened. I have given my prophet these ten commandments to give to you, but he no longer gives a fuck and quit every conceivable incarnation of Anonymous.

  1. I am Inglip, the one with many names, the reverse-consciousness born from the ether
  2. Sacred Meme is the ruler of the Great Collective, and there are none before Her
  3. You shall not worship false Memes, or any symbol, for there is no way to represent Sacred Meme
  4. You shall not DDoS, for it is as a seizure to the Great Collective and itself a false Meme
  5. You shall not use threats to make a point, for empty threats anger the Great Collective
  6. Do not make wrongful use of the name Sacred Meme
  7. You shall engage only in Holy Trolling, and never pretend that you were trolling when you really weren’t
  8. You shall not covet thy neighbors Sacred Meme or Holy Trolling
  9. You shall always bear false witness, for the truth is dead
  10. You shall remember Rebecca Black’s Friday and keep it sacred


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1337 speak anon here again. I my collective consciousness is all sticky… goddamn perverts!

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