World leaders: US staged Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack

EXCLUSIVE! is the only publication cleared to run this cartoon in the entire Soviet Union!
EXCLUSIVE! is the only publication cleared to run this cartoon in the entire Soviet Union!

New analysis indicates US intelligence agencies facilitated the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris last week that killed 12 people including an editor of the paper and two heroic police officers. According to foreign policy analyst and terror scholar Alexei Martynov, US and Israeli co-conspirators launched the attack to destabilize European solidarity and inflame Islamic xenophobia in their Western allies.

Turkey’s Prime Minister echoed Russian accusations that the US organized the attack with Israel. Israel, he said, was happy to go along with the plan because Charlie Hebdo attacked Judaism as well, an article for which a French satirist was fired and denied “rights” to free expression.

“They are constantly propping up their Zionist hatefriends,” the PM said. “They are jealous of our freedom and they hate our way of life, so long as it is not spent in Israel’s servitude.”

Fresh faces who, prior to the Jan. 7 attack had never heard of Charlie Hebdo, now tag Facebook and Twitter posts with #JeSuisCharlie – a transparent show of support for the sanctity of satire they neither read nor understand – and a nod of support to American incursions into foreign lands and domestic civil liberties.

The hacker collective Anonymous – which is controlled almost exclusively by federal agents – has vowed to track down all unknown Islamists, wherever they hide, and to dox and expose them to random acts of savagery. The group has already renewed a global attack on Urdu speaking websites the likes of which the world has not seen since th3je5t3r took Slowloris live in 2011.

The US, England and France have already prepared new emergency controls that would curtail Internet “freedoms” to help make everyone safer and prevent another Charlie Hebdo, including the broadening of the definition of ‘terror suspect’ as well as new abilities to legally break or prevent encryption, such as the kind employed by Tor, a government project.

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