that topical material is so meaningless

but the world is both enormous and small, and other platitudes! What are your platitudinal coordinates, captain?

Can’t type that on an iPhone!@

Can’t type shit on an iphone.

Jeremy Scahill used Apple's Encryption for all his sensitive journalist work, so you know it's safe
Jeremy Scahill uses Apple’s Encryption for all his sensitive journalist work, so you know it’s safe

Moths are beating themselves mercilessly against the auto glass right now. It is like they have no control over it at all. One has landed on the glass inches away from the computer screen, and it’s just quivering. It is so close now. To the glowing.

And when you’re up against that old glowing, then what do you do?

[This is your captain phr34k1ng at 100 knots 10 yards above the ground. My platitudinal coordinates lie exactly at Life is about opportunities, and how you embrace those opportunities — and live every day like it’s your last. We is all already dead, but we’re just a walkin’ around, talkin’ about it.

now that’ s a good boy. go to sleep!

wait, steve yobs died?

By Hatesec

I am the hatest

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I’d pay you to write my obituary, BUT that’s about all I’d pay ya for to write. Js.

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